10 Best Electric Scooter Accessories Every Rider Must Own In 2023

If you own an electric scooter, you are probably having a blast riding it for commuting, cruising around town, or going on outdoor adventures. There are ways to maximize the use of your electric scooter, especially if you plan on making it your daily ride. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best electric scooter accessories that are not only handy but will also prepare you for emergencies and make your ride more comfortable.

There are plenty of scooter accessories to choose from, and it might be a little overwhelming, especially for new electric scooter owners who just want to hop on and enjoy the ride. 

Fortunately, we narrowed down the list of the most essential accessories for electric scooters that will come useful for short or long-distance commutes.  

Even the best electric scooters for commuting or for an off-road ride does not include all the accessories you will need out of the box. So, buying after-market accessories is common. 

Now, let’s dive into the list of the best electric scooter accessories that every rider should have.

1. Helmet

An electric scooter helmet is on top of this list because it is one of the most essential accessories that every rider must own. Even if you don’t plan on riding over 10 miles per hour on an electric scooter, it is always better to prepare for the worst. 

According to an article by USA Today, over 40,000 injuries that have happened in a span of 4 years are directly linked to riding electric scooters. Based on a study conducted in Detroit, MI, (1)  the most common injury of electric scooter accidents is brain injuries, including concussions and skull fractures. This study shows that wearing a helmet can reduce those risks. 

Bikes and electric scooters are very similar when it comes to their uses, especially when riding on an open road. If you look into bicycle helmet statistics (2), of all the deaths that occurred, 97% of the cyclists were not wearing helmets. 

This makes the helmet the ultimate electric scooter accessory. There are many types of helmets to choose from. All of which will protect your head. However, make sure you select one that comes with one of these certifications:

  • ASTM 1492
  • CPSC 1203
  • CE EN 1078
  • DOT FMVSS 218
  • Snell M-2005
  • Snell M-2010
  • ECE Certification

Types of Helmets

There aren’t any helmets specifically designed for electric scooter riding as of now. Instead, you can use bike or motorcycle helmets. 

Half-Shell Helmet

A half-shell helmet is a lightweight helmet that protects your head. It is easy to wear and breathable. If you don’t plan on riding faster than 15 miles per hour, this type of helmet might suit you. They are specifically made for riding skateboards, BMX, or rollerblades, but electric scooter riders can also wear them to protect their heads. 

Full-Face Helmet

Longboard riders that ride over 60 mph downhill wear these specialized full-face helmets that are much lighter than motorcycle helmets. The amount of protection plus the lightweight materials will work perfectly for fast city electric scooter riding. 

Bike Helmet

A bike or cycling helmet is also a great choice for casual city riding and cruising, especially during the summer. These helmets are the most lightweight and the most ventilated options for you. You can practically feel the breeze when you wear the helmet while riding longer distances. Take note that unlike a full-face helmet, cycling helmets do not provide face and chin protection. 

Downhill Helmet

A downhill helmet is for trail riding and mountain biking. This type of helmet is the best choice for riding your off-road electric scooter. They provide protection for your entire head and chin, but they do not have a visor to protect your eyes. However, they are more well-ventilated than longboard full-face helmets. 

Motorcycle Helmet

Some electric scooters can run as fast as 50 mph or more. If you own a fast electric scooter or enjoy riding fast, wearing a motorcycle helmet is the best choice. They provide the best amount of protection and shock absorption. However, they are not as breathable and light as the other choices I mentioned above. 

2. Locks

The second best accessory that you need for your electric scooter is something to keep it secure, such as a lock. Not all electric scooters have anti-theft features. To make sure that your electric scooter is safe from theft, you will need a trusty lock and learn how to lock your electric scooter properly. There are many types of locks to choose from. 

Types of Locks

Cable Lock

Cable locks are very light, easy to carry, and are also flexible. They are the most common locks for bicycles, and you can also use them to secure your electric scooter. Some cable locks can be locked and unlocked with a combination or with a key.

Although they are very flexible and lightweight, they are also very easy to cut. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you should get a stronger lock. 

D or U Lock

A D or U lock is an oversized padlock that you can use to secure the wheel of your electric scooter to a pole. It provides excellent security. However, finding a place to anchor this type of lock can pose a challenge. 

Chain Lock

The chain lock is probably the most effective type of lock to secure your electric scooter. It can be as flexible as a cable lock, and as impenetrable as a D lock. The only downsides to a chain lock are its weight and the price. 

3. Protective Gear

Aside from your helmet, there are more ways to improve your safety when riding an electric scooter. You can purchase pads, such as elbow and knee pads, and you can also wear reflective clothing when riding at night. 


Elbow Pads

Wearing elbow pads is not mandatory when riding an electric scooter, but if you are a beginner, it will provide your elbows with protection against the pavement if you accidentally fall off the electric scooter. 

Knee Pads

Just like elbow pads, knee pads will also protect your knees from the pavement. Whether you are an adult, a kid, or a beginner, do not rule out using safety gear. Make sure to gear up when going on off-road and trail riding as well. 

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards can save your wrists from potential injuries, especially if you are just learning how to ride an electric scooter

Reflective Clothing

Wearing reflective clothing like a safety vest is also very ideal at night time. Even if your electric scooter is equipped with bright lights, you can never be too careful when riding at night because other drivers might not notice you on the road.


Gloves will come in handy in the wintertime. Aside from keeping your hands warm, they can also add more grip to the handlebars, and they will add an extra layer of protection in the event of a crash. 

If you ride fast, thicker gloves would be more ideal, but it can be very hot during the summer so make sure that the gloves you pick fit you right and are well-ventilated. 

4. Sealant or Tire Slime

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. When riding an electric scooter, no matter the distance, you must prepare yourself for the worst. If your electric scooter is equipped with pneumatic tires, Tire Slime or Sealant is definitely a must-have. 

This will prevent tire punctures when you accidentally run over sharp objects. It will not only prevent holes in your tires, but it will also automatically repair and seal the hole. All you need to do is squeeze it in the hole where you inflate the tires, and you are good to go.

The good thing about having this electric scooter accessory is that you don’t even need to bring it wherever you go, all you need to do is fill the tires with it, and it will work for about two years.  

5. Bell

A bell will also come in handy, as you can use it to warn pedestrians or other vehicles if they don’t notice you. Not every electric scooter is equipped with a horn, and adding a bell as an alternative is pretty much the same. If it works for bicycles, it will probably work for an electric scooter, right?

6. Seat 

Electric scooters might be an effective way to commute and get around town, but unlike bicycles, riding while standing can be very straining, especially for long-distance commutes. Luckily, some electric scooter manufacturers have removable seats that you can attach to your electric scooter. This accessory for electric scooters will definitely improve ride comfort, and help you take on longer journeys on the road. 

7. Phone Holder

Focusing on the road is important when riding an electric scooter, and you don’t want to be looking at your phone the entire time. However, a phone holder can help you use your phone to navigate your way around the city. You don’t want to resort to holding your phone while riding if you get lost. Plus, it also allows you to listen to music while riding.

8. Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes is also a good idea when riding. If you don’t have a full-face helmet with a visor, consider getting protection for your eyes. It is essential to keep your eyes focused on the road, and your eye-sight unhindered by glaring lights, smoke, dust, and even bugs. 

You can wear goggles that motorcycle riders and snowboarders use, but sunglasses will also do just fine. Make sure the lens you chose for your eye protection can protect your eyes against the sun, but also not too dark for cloudy days. If you are going to use sunglasses, make sure they fit well, so they don’t fall off.

9. Lights

Most premium electric scooter models are equipped with lights. However, some of the mid-range or budget options are sometimes not equipped with lights for riding in low-light conditions. Even if they are, the lights are not really any good in real-life situations. 


When choosing headlights, anywhere from 300 to 600 lumens is a good choice for night riding. It is not too bright for incoming traffic, but bright enough to see clearly. 


Taillights will make you visible to other riders you are sharing the road with. When choosing taillights for your electric scooter, it does not have to be as bright as headlights, and anything under 50 lumens should be fine. 

10. Tire Pump

If your electric scooter is equipped with pneumatic tires, there is a possibility that it can lose tire pressure when not used, so having a tire pump in your garage or home will come in handy. You can also check out portable tire pumps if you want to bring them with you at all times, but having tire slime would probably prevent getting a punctured or a flat tire when you are on the road. 

Tire Valve Extender

Some electric scooters are equipped with short-length tubing that makes the tire valves hard to access. If this is the case, you won’t be able to pump air into your tires without a tire valve extender. Make sure you pick one the next time you visit a bike or auto shop.  

Conclusion: Can you Ride an Electric Scooter Without any of These Accessories?

Yes, you can still ride an electric scooter without any of these accessories but not recommended. It is always better to use these accessories, especially the ones that are meant for safety. The best electric scooter accessories are accessible, and they do not cost much compared to the safety and convenience they can offer. 



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