Hi there and welcome to Zippy Electrics!

I’m Daniel the owner and Chief Editor, it’s a pleasure to e-meet you.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m really into tech gadgets and decided to create this site to share my experiences with other like-minded people with similar interests.

Where it all began…
It all started when I watched Back to the Future for the first time and I saw my first hoverboard. I remember thinking how can I get my hands on one and how easy are they to actually ride? Since then they’ve been a keen interest of mine which has expanded to many other electric riding gadgets.

I purchased my first Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter about 3 years ago. It was then that I knew I was hooked on my new mode of transport when I found any excuse to take it for a ride! My wife wasn’t too impressed though, comparing me to my 8-year-old son at the time who was learning to skateboard.

I started taking my Electric Scooter to work with me to try it out in the warmer months and needless to say, it worked wonders! My office is about a 5 mile ride from where I live, but trying to be economical at the time (both for the environment and my wallet) I was trying to cut down driving to work every day and sitting in peak hour traffic for over an hour. My only other alternative meant catching 2 buses and included a little more walking than I liked.

Getting around from A to Zippy….
Here we are now 5 years down the line and a few different models later (it’s expanded beyond Electric Scooters into hoverboards and electric skateboards), I really enjoy my 25-minute ride to and from work each day on my Electric Scooter, and to be honest I have even managed to keep the pounds off with a little exercise that I didn’t intend on!

My hobby has also been passed down to my two boys, who are now 15 and 12. They love having a go on Dad’s latest toy, but for the most part, they keep to their skateboards and bicycles. We do have fun trying to see which can go faster though…

My years of experience and passion for these nifty things led me to start this website as a way of providing genuine, first hand, unbiased information about electric scooters, hoverboards and e-skateboards. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.