Zero 9 Electric Scooter Review 2023: Best for Beginners

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

24 MPH


22-25 MPH


40 LBS




  • Ideal for commutes or leisure rides 
  • The pricing is fantastic for the product.
  • Exceptional range per charge.
  • Larger riders are supported.
  • The LED bar on the front stem is extremely bright and excellent, and it increases your safety ratio.
  • It features a strong motor that accelerates quickly and smoothly.


  • Take-offs that are slow.
  • The kickstand is not long enough.
  • It is pretty slow on inclines.

Zero has a reputation for delivering top-ranking electric scooters. 

So it’s not a surprise that Zero 9 is well-ranked all around for its impressive build quality, range, power, and balance. In fact, it’s highly recommended if you’re looking for an e-scooter that balances quality and weight. 

In this Zero 9 electric scooter review, we’ll check and verify exactly how it managed to earn the reputation it has among e-scooter riders. 

Speed and Power Output

The Zero 9 is a model that is a part of the Zero Series. It is described as a wonderfully balanced electric scooter that is ideal for everyday commutes or even longer trips. But let’s take a look at what is under the hood and find out if this is true. 

The Zero 9 Electric Scooter can reach a whopping maximum speed of 28.4 miles per hour. Now this speed is definitely considered fast for any electric scooter. The speed is exhilarating, especially since traveling at 15 to 20 mph seems fast for most people. This particular model definitely has one of the fastest motors among its rivals within the same price range on the market. The Zero 9 definitely exceeds expectations and sets the bar high in terms of performance for small electric scooters.

How can it run so fast? A hub motor is integrated into both wheels of an e-scooter, adding extra force to reach high maximum speeds. Its 600-watt motor delivers the necessary power and speed. 

The Zero 9 accelerates quite well and you should be able to hit 18 MPH in a few seconds. This may seem scary for beginners but this particular scooter gradually accelerates to its maximum speed depending on your throttle control. So, there’s really no need to worry. 

Most riders feel that the Zero 9 can readily climb most hills. Its hill-climbing abilities, however, vary depending on the rider’s weight.

Range and Battery Performance 

An electric scooter’s batteries are equivalent to a vehicle’s fuel. They store the energy that the motor and other devices need. The Zero 9 features a powerful and efficient 48V 13AH LG lithium-ion battery with an estimated range of 22 to 25 miles per charge. You can probably go further if you ride at a more moderate pace.

The Zero 9 eclectic scooter’s range rate is perfect for a direct route to work, school, the neighborhood, and even leisure trips, making it an excellent scooter for commuting.

Design & Construction Quality

Zero 9 Design and Quality

The Zero 9 is a well-made electric scooter with a simple design. Because Zero has been around for so long, the scooters it produces go through many variations. With each passing year, the scooter improves. Switching to LG brand-name batteries was one of the most important recent upgrades.


Zero scooters are built using 6061 T6 Alloy to keep them light, durable, and resistant to corrosion. The deck, just like other brands, is made of carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) (1) to be exact. This material is very strong and rigid for its weight, and it allows for the construction of extremely light frames.


Zero 9 Handlebar

The handlebars feature a durable screw-type mechanism for folding. You can fold and unfold it in just two seconds. 

The handlebar has an LCD, thumb throttle, riding mode controls, adjustable speed, and power, and lighting you can control with a press of a button. It is a pretty standard handlebar for an electric scooter, but the layout and buttons are pretty clean. 


The Zero 9 has three components that help to decrease the scooter’s size– which means it is easier to store in your garage or car trunk.

It also has a folding mechanism where the stem folds into the deck and the handlebars fold into the deck for simple storage and transportation.


The Zero 9 e-scooter is shipped to you fully assembled. Once out of the box, you only need to unfold it and ensure that all the screws are tight before you take it out for a ride. It’s shipped with an owner’s manual and a few other tools. 

Tires & Braking System

Tires and brakes are essential factors for the overall performance of the e-scooter. They have an impact on the quality of your ride, stability, range, and braking function. 

Zero is fitted with 9-inch pneumatic air-filled tires at the front and the rear. These enhance safety when rolling over bumps or potholes. You can ride through them without the harsh vibrations. Pneumatic tires have many advantages (2), and they’re probably the best type of tires for any electric scooter.

In any e-scooter, the importance of a good braking system cannot be overstated. This is because you do not want to be involved in an accident that might have been prevented entirely if you had a decent brake. The brakes of an e-scooter, like any other vehicle, are what slow it down. One of Zero 9’s main selling points is its brakes because it combines the two braking systems into a powerful dual brake. It features a responsive front disc brake and a responsive rear drum brake.


Zero 9 Safety

The Zero 9 boasts strong safety features, a good brand reputation, and good build quality, making it suitable for everyday use.

The Zero 9 has a number of unique lighting characteristics. It features a blue light that glows under the deck that adds to its aesthetics. Combined with front headlights and readily visible backlight, you’ll be visible enough on the road when you ride at night or under low light conditions. 

As usual, supplemental lighting is recommended for safety in case you run out of battery mid-ride. A rear clip-on light that is positioned high is a great option. 

Brand & Customer Service

The Zero electric scooter was created in response to the scarcity of scooter choices accessible to a wide range of users. It was designed to provide a variety of electric scooters to people looking for pure electric power in a manageable size and weight.

The Zero Limited Guarantee (3) gives riders peace of mind by covering them for a year on the most costly components. The battery, electronics, and frame are all covered for one year under their limited guarantee. In the event of an accident or mistreatment, there are exclusions to account for exterior damage.

If you have any questions and concerns about their products, you can contact Zero at [email protected]


  • The 40lb weight might be a little too hefty for some younger individuals.
  • The motor is quiet in general, but it is louder at lower speeds.
  • The price is the same as the other e-scooters with better specifications.

Who Should Buy the Zero 9 Electric Scooter?

The Zero 9 electric scooter is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced riders who want to spend a little more money on additional features. In terms of safety features, brand reputation, and construction quality, the Zero 9 is a well-balanced scooter for everyone. Whether you are a commuter or a weekend rider, expect to get the best ride quality for its price!

Final Verdict

Overall, the Zero 9 is more than a decent electric scooter that scores a 3.5 out of 5 on our scoreboard. 

This is a high rating all in all and it is well-deserved, as being one of the finest electric scooters available in the market today. Because of its balanced character, this scooter is suitable for a wide range of users.  It is naturally balanced, which makes it an excellent choice for many individuals. For over a year, the Zero 9 has been one of the most popular and well-reviewed scooters. This is thanks to its sturdiness and the ride quality.

Zero 9 Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Apollo City Electric Scooter Specifications
Top Speed 24 MPH
Motor 600W
Range 22-25 MILES
Battery 48V 13Ah LG
Charge Time 8 hours
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 40 LBS
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Wheel Type Pneumatic Tires
Brake System Dual Disc
Warranty 12-Month
Price $$$$



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