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Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

20-22 MPH


22-25 MPH


40 LBS




  • Reasonable price
  • Compact and portable design
  • Quick ride considering its compact size
  • Long-distance range
  • Dual suspension


  • Single drum brake
  • No safety bell

Commuting in the city is getting harder every day. Commuters not only have to deal with vehicle traffic but foot traffic as well. With the continuous rise of e-scooter utilization, however, they now have an option to navigate through the busy and bustling streets with ease. 

The Zero 8 electric scooter provides them with a great machine that they can use. Before its introduction, many people fell in love with its big brother Zero 9, which has promised and delivered beyond riders’ expectations. This is why Zero 8 is expected to do the same. 

With its rise to fame, I’ve taken extensive notes regarding specs, design, portability, and price to give you a thorough Zero 8 electric scooter review.

Speed and Power Output

Right off the bat, the Zero 8 electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of a whopping 25 miles per hour. This is thanks to its 500-watt motor. Its acceleration is quicker compared to its competition, the Segway Ninebot Max–and that really says a lot about this e-scooter. It reaches 15 miles in just 4 seconds while carrying an average-weight rider. 

Upon multiple hill climb tests, the  Zero 8 can climb hills at 10% grade without breaking a sweat, and that goes for any rider’s weight.

Zero 8 Electric Scooter

Range and Battery Performance 

The Zero 8 is powered by a 48-volt 13aH battery that enables it to reach a maximum range of 24 miles. Zero 9 and Zero 8 have the same 624-watt battery capacity. This means Zero 8 has the same power that Zero 9 has but in a smaller package. 

Its battery’s capacity is larger for its size but adds up to its powerful performance. It might take a while to charge at 5-7 hours, but it’s still reasonable and common for batteries that can reach this average distance. 

Design & Construction Quality

The Zero 8 is designed with maximum durability while maintaining portability, and it exceeded standards when it comes to build quality. Weighing 40 lbs, this e-scooter can be carried around the city because of its compact size, whether you need to transfer transportation or you need to run a quick errand.

Its overall design provides the right amount of speed needed to get you to and from your destination and still remain portable.

Zero 8 Electric Scooter foldable


The Zero 8 is black with a touch of red and white on some parts of the deck, stem, and handlebar. It is built with premium materials that make up the sturdy design of this compact but promising e-scooter. 

It’s light and easy to carry compared to other e-scooters in the market. However, it’s not waterproof. The manufacturer’s warning even states that you should avoid wet areas such as puddles on the road when using the scooter. So you might want to keep the Zero 8 at home during rainy days.


The handlebar is designed to be compact. It comes with foldable handlebars for portability. It is safely secured using large screws instead of the spring locks that other compact e-scooters have. 

There’s an LCD installed on the handlebar. It has a wide circular shape and is easy to navigate. You can set the riding modes and kick start on the LCD. Aside from that, the LCDs and monitors allow you to view your speed, distance covered, and remaining battery life. 


Zero 8 folds compactly at various joints. It has stem folding and stem telescoping mechanisms and folds at the deck. The handlebars also fold inwards to bring the scooter to a narrower and more portable size.

The size significantly drops to 99x19x99 centimeters. It can easily fit in more narrow spaces when folded completely.

folding zero 8 electric scooter


The Zero 8 comes in with its hacks and screw tool, a manual, and charger safely covered and placed in its box before arriving at your doorstep. 

It comes almost completely assembled. You only need to unfold and tighten a few screws on the handlebar before you can take the scooter for a ride. Just make sure you screw and tighten the screws on the handlebar’s throttle and LCD beforehand.  

Just make sure to thoroughly read the guidelines in the manual before giving Zero 8 a try. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, remember that e-scooters vary from one another, even if they are in the same category. So checking the owner’s manual is one of the pre-ride safety measures you should take right after unboxing. 

Tires & Braking System

The rear tire of the Zero 8 is made of solid rubber while the front is a pneumatic tire. It has dual suspensions that are placed at the back. These give a smooth and comfy ride when riding on bumpy roads. 

Most electric scooters, especially compact ones, are designed to have rubber tires on the rear and air-filled tires on the front. Why? Because pneumatic tires installed on the rear tend to get worn out and become flat easily. 

Zero 8 is equipped with one drum and regenerative brake that is installed at the rear part of the e-scooter. When the regenerative braking system is activated, the energy released by the brakes is stored and used to recharge the battery.

zero 8 electric scooter tires


The Zero 8 is equipped with 3 front and 2 rear lights. The rear lights blink whenever you pull the brake to alert motorists and pedestrians behind you.

The left brake on the handlebar is an additional safety feature because it is used for sudden stops. The Zero 8 halts almost instantly when the brake is pulled.

Brand & Customer Service

The Zero electric scooter brand has been receiving positive feedback ever since they were introduced. Even Chuck Taylor from ESG is a big fan of the Zero 9 and stated that it is his favorite electric scooter so far. 

This reflects the kind of company Zero Scooters is. They offer cool-looking and durable e-scooters at a very reasonable price. Before and after the purchase of their product, their customer service is readily available internationally. 

Each country has a retail store that the Zero Electric Scooter company teamed up with. In the United States, REVRide is the official retail store of Zero Electric scooters.

Zero provides a 6-month warranty period. For warranty claims, you will need to fill out a form (1). If you ever want to extend your warranty before purchasing, the company also offers an extended warranty for a reasonable price. 

For customer service concerns, feel free to contact them at 1-360-888-7433 or send an email to [email protected]. For inquiries and concerns, you can message Zero Electric Scooters through Whatsapp at +65-87484565. You can also directly message them on their website (2).


  • No bell for safety
  • Not waterproof

Who Should Buy the Zero 8  Electric Scooter? 

The Zero 8 is recommended for anyone who needs to navigate through daily traffic on a daily basis. It’s a great option for going around campus as well. 

Although Zero 8 offers outstanding speed and range, it’s not designed for off-road adventures. It is compact and portable to be easily tucked under your office desk or college dorm and classroom desk.

Final Verdict

The Zero 8 scores 4.3 in our chart. 

It is one of the most compact and most promising electric scooter options in the market today. Testimonies from YouTube vlogs such as the renowned ESG gave it a very solid overall review. It doesn’t hurt that you get awesome power, distance, speed and battery capacity at a decent price. 

Zero 8 may lack certain features but it does come with the essentials and then some. I’d say it is definitely worth the investment. 

Zero 8 Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Zero 8 Electric Scooter Specifications
Top Speed 20-22 MPH
Dimensions 46 x 7 x 42 Inches
Motor 500W
Range 22-25 Miles
Battery 48V 13Ah
Charge Time 5-7 hours
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 40 LBS
Wheel Size 8 Inches
Wheel Type Front pneumatic tire and solid rubber rear tire
Brake System Single rear drum
Warranty 6 months
Price $$$$



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