Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter Review 2023: How Good Is It?

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

15.5 MPH


18.6 miles


27 LBS




  • Cruise control and ergonomic throttle control  
  • Well engineered and robust
  • Contains a battery monitor
  • Foldable in three easy steps
  • Awesome speed, range, and great overall design
  • Headlights and Taillights
  • Can be used with an app for advanced stats and ride info 


  • The design of the bell has not been done well
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems sometimes occur
  • The push-to-start feature is a bit unintuitive at first

Electric Scooters have become popular as they are a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative for commuting purposes. The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is one such option for adults, which offers many practical features that make the city commuting fun and cheap. Let’s see what it has to offer in this review (and if it can make our list of best electric scooters).

Speed & Power output

The speed of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is 15.5 mph (24.9 km/hr), which is swift for an electric scooter within this price range. This speed is also sufficient enough to ride and reach on a 14 degrees hill. The motor of the Mijia electric scooter is a brushless DC motor of 250 watts which may be on the lower side but for speed and range that it has, it is quite reasonable.  

Range & Battery Performance

The Xiaomi electric scooter is famous for its impressive 18-mile range. Furthermore, it has an impressive range of 18.6 miles (30 km), which is slightly lower than the Ninebot ES4, but it is reasonable for a lithium battery that requires 5 hours to get charged from scratch. The dashboard indicator displays the current battery level, and rather than battery percentage, it shows little dots of light. The battery is full when all 4 lights are on, and as the lights go down, the battery power also diminishes. Then, you need to charge the mi electric scooter as soon as the last light starts flashing.

Design & Construction Quality

The Xiaomi M365 scooter has a very modern and stylish design and has won numerous awards such as the Red Dot Award in 2017. It is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum which is what makes the scooter extremely lightweight (26.9 pounds). In addition, the tires of the Xiaomi Mijia come with treads, which makes them anti-slip. Meanwhile, they are also shock-absorbing to ensure a ride that is as even as possible.


The aerospace-grade aluminum used in the scooter is of top-notch quality, the wires very neatly tucked and the quality of rubber parts such as that of the anti-slip grip on the handlebar is also of very good quality. The Xiaomi electric scooter can hold a person with a maximum weight of 220 pounds, which means it is more than capable of carrying a standard male adult.


The right handlebar comes with a twist accelerator. It only comes with one power button that turns the scooter on or off. In addition, it contains simple battery and speed indicators.


You can fold the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter in order to make it portable. You should turn off the scooter first. Then, unhook the lock from its lever. Finally, put the loop on the steering column into the rear wheel guard. When upright its dimensions are  42.5 × 16.9 × 44.9 inches, and the folded dimensions are 42.5 × 16.9 × 19.3 inches.


You just need to attach the 4 screws to a hex key, and the m365 scooter is fully assembled when you buy it. 

Tires & Braking System

The 8.5-inch air tires are made of a durable all-weather pneumatic and tubeless material, which means the Xiaomi Mijia scooter is good for a rugged landscape as well. The tires do not come with a suspension as it would increase the weight of the scooter. They are also inflatable and this makes them quite stable. Since the size of the wheels is standard, getting replacements will not be difficult.

Additionally, the brakes of the M365 scooter are of a dual braking system. With E-ABS and a mechanical disc brake on the front and rear wheels respectively. In addition to that, it has the handbrake, which helps adjust the motor brake and disc brake. The rear disc brake is the best type of braking system. Whereas, the front brake is regenerative i.e. provides extra stopping power and avert slipping when you are going fast. The braking system is such that even if you are at maximum speed, you can hit the brakes instantly and it will still not be thrown you off and you can avoid falling down or getting injured.


The mi electric scooter complies with United States FCC rules (part 15) also with the RSS standard of Canada’s license-exempt according to their buyer’s guide. Although, you should note that the manual does not specify any UL certification.

It also comes with front and rear lights. The headlight is a 1.1 W LED light that also has a focus lens for better visibility during the night. The rear light is red and turns on when you switch on the headlight or when you push the breaks.

The headlights and brake lights help the rider to see up to 6 meters in the dark.


One of the finest features of the Xiaomi M365 is that it can be connected to your smartphone by downloading an app that connects the two using Bluetooth technology. You can download the app from the App Store by searching for the Mi Home app or by scanning the QR code given in the manual. The app is useful because you can see the power, speed, distance covered statuses on your mobile and it saves you from the trouble of getting stuck far from home.

Brand & Customer Service

Xiaomi is a prevalent brand that was founded by Lei Jun in 2010, with the aim of producing high-quality technology that was reasonably priced and affordable. It not only makes hardware but also software and internet services on a global scale. Xiaomi’s customer service department operates in many different countries including Spain, the UK, the US, Singapore, Russia, Italy and many more. However, if customer service is not located in your country. Then you can contact them via their global email address.

Xiaomi provides the Mi electric scooter with a 1-year warranty (1) for the main unit. 6-month warranty for accessories such as the battery, brake lever, gears, etc. And a 3-month warranty for the Miscellaneous extra parts such as the headlights, charging port, mudguards, and it is quite good since many other companies do not offer warranties for these extra parts.


  • The bell produces very low sound and sometimes inaudible in heavy traffic.
  • Bluetooth often has connectivity problems.
  • The control panel only displays dots for battery life and nothing else.
  • Some users say that one of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365) batches has a safety issue, which is a screw in the folding apparatus can sometimes become loose. 

Who Should Buy the Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter?

It is ideal for those who have to get to multiple train stops as it is very comfortable for riding long distances. However, this electric scooter is not suitable for people who are over the weight of 220 pounds or for kids. A better alternative would be the Swagtron Swagger 5 that supports a weight of 330 pounds. Also, it is good for commuting within the city or for running daily errands. It is a good alternative to your bicycle or car for shorter distances.

Moreover, you can carry it easily because of its lightweight and can fit in your trunk of the car.

The M365 scooter offers better quality, design, and features as compared to more expensive alternatives in the market such as the Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooter. Thus, the price of the Mi electric scooter is appealing. It isn’t a big investment cost and it helps save on car fuel.

Final Verdict

The Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter deserves a rating of 4/5. It is durable, well-engineered, foldable and offers good speed and range all for a reasonable price. However, it loses points on its bell design as it is something that is crucial. Especially if you are riding it on the main roads. Furthermore, since the control panel only displays the battery life. And the Bluetooth connectivity can be a problem at times, but this can be a deal-breaker for sure.

They should improve the display features as it is difficult to use the phone and ride the scooter together anyway.

To conclude, if you are an adult looking for a more environment-friendly and cheaper alternative for commuting over short distances, then the Xiaomi M365 scooter is a good option for you. It’s comfortable for elders and the standard adults because the seat is cozy and you can do long travel with ease. Additionally, its sleek design, impressive range, speed, and headlights make it an appealing scooter for you to buy.

Xiaomi Mijia Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Xiaomi Mi M365 Specifications
Top Speed 15.5 MPH
Motor 250 watts
Range 18.6 miles
Battery 42 volts
Charge Time 5 hours
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 27 LBS
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Tires Pneumatic
Brake System Disc
Warranty 12 months
Price $$



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