WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Review 2022

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

24 MPH


11-15 Miles


17.2 LBS




  • Flexible deck
  • Equipped with Hobbywing ESC
  • Excellent battery
  • World-famous truck brand
  • PU wheels
  • Easy to control
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Different riding modes
  • The remote control is easy to use and navigate


  • Average top speed
  • Average range

Electric skateboards have come a long way from being a leisure ride to something practical and more functional. With the worsening traffic conditions, they’ve become a good choice to get from point A to B quicker and with style. 

Now, one of the best electric skateboards on the market is the WowGo 3. It also ranks high within its price category. Earning many positive reviews, it accumulated a lot of fans when it was first introduced. Multiple vlogs, blogs, and articles have sworn that WowGo 3 is beyond worthy of every penny you’re going to spend on it. Aside from that, if you check out their website, Amazon, and other retail sites online, clients also express their adoration of the WowGo 3.

From its range, speed, design, and overall quality, it delivers what it promises. For you to further understand what the WowGo 3 is capable of, I’ve conducted an in-depth WowGo 3 electric skateboard review.

Speed and Power output

The WowGo 3 electric skateboard is equipped with dual rear hub motors and a custom Hobbywing ESC. The Hobbywing is well known for powering all of the best and famous electric skateboards. 

The Hobbywing ESC enables the WowGo to reach a max speed of 24 miles per hour. It also helps the rider travel smoothly and intuitively control their board.

It has 4 speed modes that slowly take you to its maximum speed — Mode 1 at 0-12mph, Mode 2 at 0-18mph, Mode 3 at 0-24mph, and T at 0-24mph. 

WowGo 3 is also a beginner-friendly electric skateboard. If it’s your first time riding in one you can start at a slow level or the Speed Mode 1. Once you gain enough confidence in your riding skills, you can gradually upgrade to its subsequent speed modes. The 4 speed modes also provide you with the flexibility to ride at a pace that you prefer at a particular moment. 

Range and Battery

The WowGo 3’s advertised standard range is 11 miles on a single charge with the help of its battery that is manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is equipped with 30Q cells that have a standard capacity of 6Ah and 36 volts. But with an 8Ah battery capacity, the WowGo 3 can reach 17-20 miles.

Samsung’s 30Q cells help the WowGo maintain torque and power, even if it is already low on charge. You can also switch to an extra battery pack if you have one for an extended ride. The extra set of batteries you buy will come with an individual case.

Design and Construction quality 


The deck of the WowGo 3 electric skateboard is made of a combination of bamboo and fiberglass. With this material, the WowGo 3 wouldn’t easily break and it has better shock absorption because it’s incredibly flexible and durable. 

It has a slightly concave shape that helps the rider stand comfortably. The size of the deck is 38.99 x 5.5 inches, which is ample enough to accommodate from an average weight rider up to a 280-pound rider. 


WowGo 3 Wheels

The 90*62mm-sized 78A eccentric polyurethane wheels have interchangeable sleeves. The WowGo company constructed them this way for better shock absorption. The wheels are soft and wear-resistant and are aesthetically designed to provide a stable riding experience and absorb vibrations.


WowGo 3 Trucks

For an electric skateboard at this price point, WowGo still managed to provide another commendable part of the deck, Paris trucks. As we all know, these are an excellent choice for electric skateboards and are globally known to be a reliable product from a solid brand.

Remote control

WowGo 3 Remote Control

The WowGo 3 electric skateboard’s improved ESC enables it to work at a higher current. This helps in acquiring larger torque and faster acceleration when you switch to Turbo mode.

The new and improved OLED remote control of the  WowGo 3 electric skateboard is easy to use. It provides you with data on the battery usage, distance covered, and speed mode displayed on the screen. 


Because WowGo 3 is equipped with the Hobbywing ESC, you will be able to control the strength of your brake using the lever on the remote. With this braking mechanism, not only will you be able to control your braking strength but you will surely have a safe stop, even if you’re braking from the turbo mode.


The WowGo 3 accelerates pretty quickly but not quick enough to jeopardize your safety. The smoothness of the acceleration and excellent braking system ensures safety and reliability.

WowGo 3 is made for all kinds of riders. Be it for beginners, intermediate, and well-experienced riders. With full control given to the rider, you will not be thrown off the deck if you are coming in from the top speed and trying to brake. You will also have full control over the acceleration because of the speed modes you can choose from.

Brand & Customer Service

With all the specs and the overall design of WowGo 3 explained, it’s not a secret how much they value the quality and service they offer to the market. WowGo is committed to providing excellence one board at a time and it shows. Not only do they promise and deliver high-quality boards but they also offer them at a price where it’s affordable to a huge target market.

WowGo offers a 180-day warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. They offer free diagnosis, free parts, and free shipping if the board is still under the 180-day warranty. If you ever wish to buy an extra remote control or battery, they offer a separate 90-day warranty for that as well (1). 

They do not provide refunds for boards that are already used but offer refunds for orders that have not been shipped within 3-7 days. For more information on their refund policy, you may visit their website 

For inquiries and other questions regarding their product and services, you may send a message directly on their website or reach them via social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.


  • Average speed and range

Who Should Buy the WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard?

WowGo 3 is ideal for people who go back and forth in the city as part of their daily routine. It provides ample speed that is fit for the busy streets and covers enough distance to make sure you get to where you should be as quickly as possible. It charges at enough time during the day to be readily used when you need to get home after work.

WowGo 3 is an awesome electric skateboard that is built for the city roads. It does not have the speed that sporty electric skaters are into. It is made for daily transport to work, for a quick run to the store, to run an errand, or simply for leisure rides in the park.

Final Verdict

Overall, I give this awesome electric skateboard a 4.16 out of 5 for what it provides and what the WowGo company continues to improve every single time they re-introduce the WowGo 3.

There are a lot of remarkable factors regarding the specs of this electric skateboard. I must say that it is one of the best I’ve taken a closer look at. By now, you know why it is that amazing. 

For its price range, you wouldn’t expect it to have that much to offer. But it is equipped with the best motors in the electric skateboard world that are backed up by a powerful 30Q cells battery from Samsung. It provides you with a decent amount of speed and acceleration. 

It’s designed to not only look cool but perform great with its PU wheels, flexible and solid deck together with a solid front truck from Paris Trucks. Given all these, who wouldn’t adore the WowGo 3? 

WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Video Review
Our Rating
WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 24 MPH
Deck Length 38.99 x 5.5 inches
Motor Dual hub motors
Range 11-15 Miles
Battery 36-volt 6Ah Samsung 30Q cells battery
Charge Time 2-4 hours
Max Load 280 LBS
Weight 17.2 LBS
Wheel Size 90*62mm
Wheel Type 78a PU wheels
Brake System Electric Braking
Warranty 180 days
Price $$



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