Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard Review 2023

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

26 MPH


22 Miles


21 LBS




  • Reasonable price
  • Airless 103mm tires that are suitable for tough and patchy pavements
  • Sturdy but very flexible deck
  • Comes with the all-new airless 103mm tires but can also be changed with 90mm PU tires
  • Has Ling Yi ESC which is one of the most notable in the market
  • 4 different speed and brake modes
  • Great for beginners and would also be enjoyed by pros


  • Limited features
  • No LED lights

Teamgee is at it again!

The Teamgee H20T electric skateboard is its newest release, exciting many Teamgee fans with possibly their best electric skateboard yet. 

The company has brought numerous awesome electric skateboards to the table. It keeps up with its competitors on the market and doesn’t disappoint on delivering the goods. You might be wondering, why make another one with the same name if the predecessor was so great? As people perpetually say – there is always room for improvement.

To learn more about this electric skateboard, let’s take a more in-depth look into its specs, design, and features in this Teamgee H20T review.

Speed and Power output

First, let’s take a look under the hood to see what makes this electric skateboard so powerful. It is equipped with two 600-watt hub motors that allow it to top out at speeds up to 26 miles per hour. 

It is also equipped with the Ling YI ESC system that allows users to choose between 4 different riding modes. So, whether you are a beginner or pro, you can safely ride this electric skateboard at a speed you’re most comfortable. Once you’re more confident with your skills, you can choose a higher riding mode.  

You can use the remote to switch between riding modes that not only limit the top speed but also minimize the kick during acceleration. This makes it perfect for beginners who are still getting used to the ride. 

In terms of hill-climbing and riding through different terrains, the H20T electric skateboard seems to climb steep inclines and rough roads with absolute ease. But the performance will vary depending on the rider weight, battery life, terrain type, and incline.

Range and Battery

This board can cover a maximum distance of 22 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for brief commutes to school, work, or doing quick errands. What’s even more impressive is the charging time. You can charge this electric skateboard from 0 to 100% in just under 4 hours, which is pretty quick considering the maximum distance and power output.

Design and Construction Quality

Now that we know that the Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard can go fast and far, In this section, we will look at the design and construction quality. We want to make sure that this electric skateboard is durable enough to withstand daily use and in real-life situations.


The deck is made with eight plies of Canadian maple and one ply of fiberglass, which makes it sturdy and durable but still manages to have a proper amount of flex. It has well-designed concaves and coarse grip tape that gives you a secure hold and ease when turning, carving, and riding at fast speeds and rough surfaces.

Overall, the deck design adds to better comfort and better control, allowing you to zip through the streets without slipping or falling off the deck. 


The main thing you are going to notice with the Teamgee H20T is its tires. Because of some changes made on the tires, they’ve also made changes on the motor so it could keep up with the newly introduced tires that also gave it the capability to cover more range. 

This board is equipped with rubber and airless 103mm wheels with a 64mm contact area that will ensure a smooth ride. The wheel construction and materials let you cruise steadily on any terrain without causing too much vibration.

It was also broadened by 24 holes to increase shock absorption. Unlike polyurethane wheels, the Teamgee H20T is made of rubber tires, which is why it’s capable of riding on smooth, patchy, rough, muddy, and rocky roads. The total wheel makeover also included anti-skid potential.


To complement the wheels, Teamgee also equipped the H20T with wide and stable trucks to make sure riders will be satisfied with the overall shock-absorption features and ride quality. The trucks might not be the perfect thing about this Teamgee electric skateboard, but it is definitely the right one for the 103mm wheels, allowing you to carve deeply without causing wheelbite. 

Larger wheels are pretty dangerous if paired with the wrong set of trucks. It is no surprise that Teamgee paired this model with the appropriate trucks that can accommodate both the street and all-terrain wheels. 

Remote Control

Similar to its predecessor, the Teamgee H20T has a Seahorse remote that controls the strength of the brakes and the acceleration.

The Teamgee H20T’s remote control has the typical throttle that you use to accelerate or activate the brake. The throttle design may be the same as the others in the market but it is one of the features that makes it easier for the rider. It’s not confusing because you have control over your acceleration and brake in one throttle.

Among these features the remote screen shows the following:

  • Real-time speed – Riders can see the real-time speed while riding to make sure they only ride within the speed limit. 
  • Remaining battery of the skateboard – It is easy to enjoy the ride, without minding the remaining range on your electric skateboard. Fortunately, the remote displays the remaining battery and estimated range so you can charge the battery when needed. 

  • Remaining battery of the remote – You may not need to recharge the remote as often as the board itself, but it’s convenient that you can monitor the remote’s remaining battery life.

Braking system

This electric skateboard is built with four braking modes, which makes it a lot safer than its predecessors.

  • B1 (Tender) gives you the option to slowly stop, which is perfect for running at slow speeds. 
  • B2 (Smooth) stops a little quicker, but it is still safe for coming from mid-range speeds.
  • B3 (Normal) is the standard braking mode for most types of riding styles.
  • B4 (Strong) gives you a strong halt. This braking mode might be shaky for beginners and intermediate skaters. 

I advise that you try to figure out what brake mode gives a more comfortable stop, especially if you like to ride fast. 


The Teamgee brand has made a name for itself by ensuring its consumers their safety when it comes to motor and battery construction.

Aside from that, the design of this board including the concave style of the deck, coarse grip tape for better hold, four different modes for braking and accelerating has made it super safe to ride because the user would have the freedom to choose on which mode he’s best comfortable with. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with rear nor headlights, but you can purchase them on their website for a few extra bucks which wouldn’t break your bank and would also give you peace of mind if ever you are traveling in the dark.

Brand and Customer Service

We wouldn’t have Teamgee H20T if we weren’t completely impressed with its predecessor the Teamgee H20 and other electric skateboards this brand has to offer. They’ve been a worthy player in the electric skateboard platform and Teamgee has delivered some of the best in the market when it comes to motor, power, design, and specs.

Teamgee has a 90-day warranty for its customers and 3 months of free repair on parts that come with the defective board.

According to their refund policy (1), Teamgee does not issue refunds, but rather they fix the product under their warranty by sending you free replacement parts. There are youtube channels on their website that you can tune in as well to know how to do minimal repairs.

However, the exchange boards only if it’s either defective or damaged. There will be no restocking to be charged to the customer for the return of the product. 

For questions on the warranty, repairs, and other technical support inquiries, you can contact them at +86 14718034165 or send an email at [email protected]


Other features could be included but weren’t present on the board such as LED lights.

Who should buy the Teamgee H20T electric skateboard?

The Teamgee H20T is suitable for beginners, intermediate riders, and experts. The overall design of the board made it possible for riders of any skill levels to enjoy this electric skateboard, thanks to its excellent shock absorption, multiple riding modes, and multiple braking modes that match the riders riding style. 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced electric skateboard that does not disappoint or fall short on performance, features, and design– the Teamgee H20T is an excellent choice for all types of riding. 

Final Verdict

Teamgee H20T has the potential to compete with its rivals, even some of the higher-end models. It may fall short on some minor things, but in terms of performance, this board is an excellent choice, especially in this price range. Because of this, I give this fantastic electric skateboard a solid 4 over 5 on our stoke meter. 

It may not be perfect but it does have features that attribute to making it one of the good ones in the market. These include a crisp style and design, motor power, and a speed that covers a longer range. The Teamgee H20T can be considered a great all-around skateboard for commuting, leisure riding, cruising, and more. 

Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard Video Review

Our Rating
Teamgee H20T Specifications
Top Speed 26 MPH
Deck Length 38 inches
Motor 2x600w hub motors
Range 22 Miles
Battery 7.5AH/9.6AH
Charge Time 3-4 hours
Max Load 286 LBS
Weight 21 LBS
Wheel Size 103mm or 65mm
Wheel Type Airless rubber wheels
Brake System 4 brake modes
Warranty 90 days
Price $$



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Our Rating