Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter Review 2023: Best For Commuters?

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

19 MPH


28 miles


30.9 LBS




  • Excellent range
  • Fast max speed
  • Sleek finish
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handlebars 
  • Cruise control
  • Rear light
  • LED speedometer
  • Foldable
  • Extra external battery


  • Limited features
  • Braking system could be improved
  • Wheels need improvement
  • Expensive

The Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES4 is a commuters dream. It has power, range, and flexibility that you can take anywhere. You can use this electric scooter to get you where you need to go and back, with a little more juice to ride around the next day. With a maximum range of 28 miles, you will surely enjoy taking this scooter around the city to do errands or just have a leisurely ride. 

Is the Ninebot ES4 worth all the attention and hype it is getting?

Let us find out as we look into its specifications and built-in features in this Segway Ninebot ES4 review.

Speed and Power output

The 800-watt motor is truly one of the most significant improvements from the previous versions. With this kind of power, you can reach speeds up to 19 miles per hour, which is rare in portable electric scooters. Considering it is lightweight, this thing can go really fast. 

The speed may vary with the condition of the road and weight of the rider. However, with this much power, heavier riders will not feel the difference even when going uphill at a 15% grade. 

Range and Battery Performance

Range is the ES4’s middle name. With the help of its dual batteries (included in the package), you can reach distances up to 28 miles on a single charge. This feat is pretty impressive compared to the earlier versions of the Ninebot. 

The built-in LED will display your speed and battery life, so you can avoid running out of battery between your journey. The battery is protected to avoid overheating, short circuiting, and overcharging. This is to ensure that you can use it for hundreds of cycles without compromising its maximum capacity. You can opt to remove the included external battery to make the e-scooter a little lighter when going on short rides. 

Design & Construction Quality

The design and build quality of the Segway Scooter ES4 is on point. It looks sleek and elegant. It comes with a dark gray and silver finish with accents that give off a minimalist appearance. 

The footbed or the place where you stand remained the same. It is probably because the previous versions seemed to work well, it is like the saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Aside from its speed and reliability, the Segway ES4 also sports a sleek and contemporary look that is pleasing to look at. Once you get a good look at this Segway Electric Scooter, you will be impressed with all the details put into designing this mean machine. 


The materials used to make the Segway ES4 are high-quality lightweight aluminum to ensure its sturdiness and portability. Because the e-scooter is so light, the acceleration of the motor becomes effortless. 


The handlebar design is comfortable to hold. The grip feels good and safe to hold onto, thanks to the anti-slip function. The only issue, however, is that you cannot adjust the height of the handlebars to your preference. 


The one-step foldability option is great for storage and carrying purposes. You can fold it and unfold quickly without breaking a sweat.


Just like the Segway ES2, it is very quick to assemble. Make sure you have all the parts from the package and use read the manual for the complete assembly instructions. 

Tires & Braking System

Despite being a well-constructed electric scooter, the tires could use a little improvement. The non-pneumatic tires are great for riding smooth surfaces, but the terrain is kind of limited. However, these tires do save time on maintenance since you don’t have to worry about plugging or patching since they do not get flat.  

The shock absorbers do help a little with bumps and road imperfections, but you will still feel the strain on your legs if you ride through rough terrains often.

For added safety, the Ninebot ES4 boasts both electrical and mechanical brakes that can help you come to a stop smoothly even coming from higher speeds. 


Segway Ninebot ES4 Safety

The dual braking feature ensures a responsive brake. This feature contributes to a safe and efficient ride throughout your journey. Another neat safety feature is the addition of LED headlights, brake lights, and ground lights. Not only do they make your ride aesthetically pleasing and futuristic, but they also add a sense of safety, especially when riding in low-light riding conditions. 


Upon receiving the item through mail or by picking it up from licensed retailers, we suggest that you download the app on your mobile phone and pair it with the Ninebot ES4 before using the e-scooter. Downloading the app will give you tons of options on getting started with your ride such as learning how to ride your vehicle if you are a first-time rider and locking your scooter to protect it from getting stolen. 

You can also use the app to download and update the firmware for safety and security reasons. It will also display the Ninebot ES4’s diagnostics to get an idea about the condition of the vehicle. The app can also be used to manage your speed limit and activate the cruise control feature.


Brand & Customer Service

Segway was founded in 1999 and has brought to the market one innovative product after another, including the Segway electronic scooter series. The company has been recognized for the four-wheel ATV prototype it created. It is considered one of the best inventions. 

The ES (3) series, in particular, offers a limited warranty that covers factory defects that occur during normal use only.  

If you have more questions about the terms of use, returns, and suggestions, email [email protected].  


  • The wheels are limited to certain terrain
  • The braking system could use a little improvement
  • There are only two colorways
  • The stand is not adjustable

Who Should Buy the Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter Electric Scooter?

This Segway Electric Scooter has both power and range to help the average commuter make their daily grind a lot more comfortable. This electric scooter is for people looking for a stylish and reliable whip is surely get them where you need to be with style and ease. 

It may be a little expensive, but the combination of style, power, and portability is present in the Ninebot ES4 electric scooter. If you have the budget, this electric scooter is worth your money.

Final Verdict

The Segway ES4 has come a long way since the ES2 version. Scoring a 4 out of 5 on our scoreboard, this new and improved version of the ES2 has doubled the amount of power and range to make up for what the ES2 lacks. If you need speed and a ride that could take you distance, the ES4 has your back. Without a doubt. There still might be a couple of downsides but, this time, the pros outweighs the cons.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric KickScooter Video Review

Our Rating
Segway Ninebot ES4 Specifications
Top Speed 19 MPH
Motor 800 watts
Range 28 miles
Battery 374 Volts lithium-ion battery
Charge Time 7 hours
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 30.9 LBS
Wheel Size 8 inches front/ 7.5 inches rear
Tires Solid non-pneumatic tires
Brake System Electric and mechanical braking system
Warranty Limited Warranty
Price $$$



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Our Rating