Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter Review: Fastest High-End Scooter?

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

40 MPH


40 miles


59.6 LBS




  • Fast Speed
  • Impressive Range
  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Includes dual charging ports
  • Quality build
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Excellent for any type of terrain
  • Foldable
  • LCD indicates useful diagnostics
  • 12-month warranty
  • Retractable stand
  • Key to start


  • A little expensive
  • Too heavy
  • Not suitable for beginners

Electric scooters make commuting more enjoyable, especially if you live in a city that experiences heavy traffic. If you are looking for a fast electric scooter that can cut your trip time significantly, the Nanrobot D4+ is a great option. 

Is the Nanrobot D4+ the fastest electric scooter, however? Let’s find out as we dive into this in-depth review. 

Speed and Power output

The Nanrobot D4+ is a high-speed electric scooter that can run up to 40 miles per hour. This is thanks to the two 1000-watt brushless motors (1) that give it enough power to comfortably ride through any type of terrain and inclined planes. 

With this amount of speed and power, this 40 mph electric scooter is the best companion for commuting and for going on high-speed trail rides. One of the primary advantages of a brushless motor is that it requires less maintenance.

This electric scooter is recommended for riders with more experience because of how fast it goes. However, some beginners can also ride it without going too fast because of the different gears. Riding on lower gears will reduce the maximum speed, making it suitable for novice riders. 

Range and Battery Performance

This Nanrobot electric scooter is equipped with a 52-volt Li-ion battery that powers fast accelerations and enables it to reach distances up to 40 miles. Some of the average commuter scooters can only reach a 15-mile distance, making the Nanrobot D4+ a more superior model when it comes to distance covered. 

With a longer range, this electric scooter can be used for commuting longer distances. You won’t need to charge the battery frequently, and the fewer the charging cycles, the longer the battery life.

Charging time could take up to 12 hours. Fortunately, you can cut the charging time in half when you purchase an extra charger and plug it in one of the dual charging ports. 

Design & Construction Quality

Everything from the frame to its tires is built to last. It is made from high-quality aluminum that can withstand daily use and abuse. Overall, the design and construction quality is rock solid. It has an IP53 waterproof rating (2), enabling the high-speed electric scooter to withstand drizzling and minor water splashes. The manufacturers do not recommend riding in the rain for safety reasons, however. 


One glance at the D4+ will immediately showcase that the manufacturers used high-quality materials to build it. The frame is durable and sturdy enough to carry up to 330 lbs. Keep in mind that the rider weight will affect the speed and range. 


The handlebars have a nice grip to it, and they are also foldable so you can save some space when the electric scooter is not in use. On the handlebars, you will find two hand-controlled squeeze brakes for the front and rear. You will also find the ignition, riding mode switches, and the light switch. 

It is also equipped with a convenient LCD screen that will display all in one area the gear you are in, speed, and battery life.


The Nanrobot D4+ is easy to fold. All you need to do is to push down the lever and fold it down into a space-saving position. When the D4+ is unfolded, the safety lock keeps the handlebar in an upright position and not accidentally fold in itself. The rear fender also serves as a handle, making the D4+ easy to carry or drag when not in use. 

This electric scooter weighs 60 lbs, and it could be a little bit heavy to carry around for some people. 


You can purchase a detachable seat for a more comfortable ride, especially if you frequently go on longer commutes. Upon ordering the electric scooter, you are given the option to order the seat with it. Installation is quick and easy but you can’t fold the scooter when the seat is attached. 


The Nanrobot D4+ comes pre-assembled. However, it is always best to check and tighten up the screws once you open up the box to ensure that every component is in place before taking it out for a ride.

Tires & Braking System

With the upgraded air-filled tires, the Nanrobot electric scooter can ride through any type of terrain, including grass and dirt. When riding on the sidewalk, it will smoothly go over small cracks and road imperfections. 

In addition to excellent off-road tires, the Nanrobot D4+ is also equipped with a dual-shock suspension and fantastic shock absorption. The combination of the tires and suspension system makes this one of the most comfortable scooters to ride. 

In terms of braking, it is equipped with hand-squeeze electric brakes for the front and the rear, making it easier for the rider to stop when needed. If the rider needs to stop at a close distance, they can use both brakes simultaneously.


In terms of safety, the Nanrobot D4+ is equipped with headlights and rear lights to make the rider visible in low light conditions. The headlights are also bright enough so that the rider can still see clearly when riding at night. 

Braking and accelerating do not seem too abrupt when in Eco mode. When the electric scooter is in Turbo mode, the rider will really feel the sudden acceleration. Beginner riders are advised against using the Turbo mode until they get the hang of it. 


Unfortunately, the Nanrobot D4+ is not equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The good thing is, you will not need an app for your mobile phone because all the features you need are onboard and accessible on the handlebar. 

Brand & Customer Service

Nanrobot is a company (3) that has many years of experience in manufacturing electric bicycles and electric scooters. In their factory located in China, they do not only produce high-end machines, but they also perform research and development to further innovate their products. 

After ordering a product from the Nanrobot factory, it takes three days to prepare the order for shipping. Once done, it takes about 10 days for it to ship to the United States. Your order will arrive within two weeks. 

If you have questions, you can reach customer service and support via email. There’s a hotline for US customers to use (4). 


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Product may be too heavy 
  • It can be too bulky for some

Who Should Buy the Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter?

The Nanrobot D4+ is for people who are looking for a durable, reliable, and fast scoter for commuting and other recreational purposes. It is perfect for heavier adults that are looking for a scooter with enough power to go uphill and ride through incline and any terrain without breaking a sweat. 

The Nanrobot D4+ is best for riders with more experience. Because it is a high-speed electric scooter, it might not be suitable for beginners. Its weight and bulk make it less portable too and might be less desirable for people zeroing in on portability for their choice of scooters. 

Final Verdict

I scored the Nanrobot D4+ a 4 out 5. 

It is an exceptional electric scooter that is worth buying because of its SPEED, RANGE, and overall PERFORMANCE. It also sports a quality build for a comfortable ride in a range of terrains. Overall, the Nanrobot D4+ excels in style, ride comfort, and durability. 

Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Nanrobot D4+ Specifications
Top Speed 40 MPH
Motor Dual 1000 watts motors
Range 40 miles
Battery 52 Volts
Charge Time 10 to 12 hours
Max Load 330 LBS
Weight 59.6 LBS
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tires Fat off-road pneumatic tires
Brake System Electric braking system
Warranty 12-month warranty
Price $$



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Our Rating