Meepo NLS Pro Electric Skateboard Review

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:



20 Miles


18.7 LBS




  • Affordable price
  • Wicked speed
  • Longer range
  • M4 and NR remote controls
  • Shredder Trucks used
  • Upgraded wheel size
  • Upgraded battery


  • Undisclosed water-resistant level
  • PU wheels can easily get worn out

Electric skateboards may have started out as a leisure ride but have transformed into something functional and practical. Depending on the battery and range capacity, a skateboard can get you from point A to B faster even during a traffic jam. 

So what’s not to love about electric skateboards? This is especially true if you own the Meepo NLS Pro electric skateboard. Let’s take a good look at what this product has to offer in this review. 

Speed and Power Output

Meepo NLS Speed

The Meepo NLS Pro predominantly competes in terms of power, torque, and acceleration, which pretty much says it all. After all, you need all three to create an e-skateboard that leaves a lasting impression. For its price and within the category it belongs to, it is quite remarkable that this electric skateboard is in existence.

Meepo NLS Pro’s top speed is 34 miles per hour. With the help of its dual 540-watt motors and Meepo ESC V6.5, this beast of an electric skateboard not only enables it to reach such speed but also climb hills with up to 30% grade. 

The acceleration is noticeably quicker compared to others in the market. It can reach 19 MPH in just 5 seconds. Even if it’s remarkably fast, NLS Pro is still amateur-friendly. It has 4 riding modes–Beginner mode, Eco mode, Cruise mode, and Pro mode. Each mode has a corresponding speed level and you can adjust from beginner to pro based on your skills and confidence. 

Range and Battery Performance

The Meepo NLS Pro is equipped with a MOLICEL P42A battery that enables it to reach a 20-mile range on a single charge. Molicel batteries are used for sports cars, in the army, and aerospace applications. 

The Meepo electric skateboards were previously dependent on Samsung 40T cell batteries but because NLS Pro’s upgrades demanded higher power, the Meepo Team conducted research and multiple tests to come up with a replacement that can provide what the NLS Pro needs. 

MOLICEL P42A is the best kind of battery for the NLS Pro because it helped so much with the overall upgrade and improvement of the electric skateboard, on top of that, it only takes 2 hours to charge. With MOLICEL’s 45 amp discharge rate and 4200 mAh capacity, it can handle draining ability without making any compromise on the performance.

Design and Construction Quality

The Meepo NLS Pro skateboard is designed to provide you with a long-lasting and reliable ride. It is wide enough to provide better support and balance and strong enough to handle a rider’s weight and challenges on the road. 

The deck is made of bamboo and combined with 2 layers of fiberglass. Both materials contribute to a durable and tough board that is soft enough to maneuver. These also enable the board to handle the torque and speed it produces. 


Meepo NLS Deck

The Meepo NLS Pro is made to be powerful and also comfortable. Bamboo is known to surpass harsh weather conditions, and it has been used to create different equipment, even houses since ancient times. It has proven durable and reliable. 

But we’re not done yet. The deck is not only made from bamboo but is also combined with another durable material which is fiberglass. The combination of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass makes the NLS Pro feel sturdy and also flexible. 

The solid grip tape, on the other hand, makes cruising less strenuous on your feet. It’s rougher compared to the previous one and provides bigger friction and sponge for that safer and more stable riding experience. 


The wheels are made of polyurethane and are upgraded from 90mm to 100mm, a common request from Meepo customers. The wheels give enough protection to the dual-motor placed on each wheel and enough cushion to avoid vibrations from tough roads and patchy pavements.


The Shredder Trucks are made by Meepo. Given the level of quality and excellence the company is known for, you can expect the trucks to be just as reliable. They’re made of solid aluminum alloy and equipped with macaroon bushings.

Remote Control

Meepo NLS Remote Control

Meepo NLS Pro provides not only one but two ergonomic remote controls. The first one is the M4 remote that is the typical remote that goes with Meepo e-skateboards, while the second one is the more extensive type of remote control. 

The NR or Night Rider remote sports a pistol-like design with a flashlight at the top. It can be easily mistaken for a flashlight if not for the other buttons on it that indicate speed, distance covered, and battery life. The NR remote can be used with other Meepo skateboards if it’s compatible. 

Braking System

Meepo NLS Pro uses a regenerative braking system. This system helps capture the energy that should have been wasted when you activate the brakes or come to a halt. The energy is then stored and used to recharge the batteries.

The Meepo NLS Pro also has braking modes depending on your capacity as a rider. With the help of ESC V6.5, the brakes are adjustable and are correlative to the strength of your speed mode.


One of the previous problems with Meepo’s electric skateboards is road safety. So Meepo responded by providing another set of remote controls to customers. They provided a remote control that has a very bright flashlight attached to it. Not only does it help during night cruising, but it is also another advantage, especially to those bulkier and heavier riders that can’t correctly use the M4 remote control.

The overall quality of the NLS Pro promises safety. From the deck used down to the type of batteries, motors, and trucks, Meepo made sure to provide a peaceful mind while onboard the NLS Pro.

Brand & Customer Service

Meepo is one of the brands always compared to Boosted and WowGo, two of the most famous names in the electric skateboarding industry. 

The upgrades made on the NLS Pro are signs of how the Meepo brand seriously considers the customers’ feedback and concerns. With Meepo’s reputation standing still and its fame continuing to rise, there’s no question that Meepo is going to stay for a very long time. 

Meepo offers a 6-month warranty for the e-skateboard and a 3-month warranty for the parts purchased separately. Refunds do not apply to products that are already used (1). You may contact them through this email address [email protected]. They will reply in 1-2 business days. 


  • Undisclosed water-resistant level

Who Should Buy the Meepo NLS Pro Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is for all types of riders, whether they are beginners, intermediate or professional riders. It can reach the speed that most proficient riders are looking for. It also has a beginner mode that can assist the acceleration and braking power to ensure safety and enjoyment for amateur riders. 

Meepo NLS Pro is for city commute and leisure rides. It is for people who seek adventures on the weekend but are also in need of a ride they can use to get past the usual weekday rush quicker. 

Final Verdict

I give the Meepo NLS Pro 4.16 out of 5. 

It has all the qualities I never thought could be fitted in one electric skateboard. Powerful dual hub motors, awesome MOLICEL batteries, remarkable ESC, and a design that enhances your riding experience while ensuring your comfort and safety. All these for an affordable price

NLS Pro is great, solid, durable, and awesome specs-wise. There will always be a lot of room for improvement. However, for what the Meepo NLS Pro delivers in specs and construction quality, I can say that this is one tough competition to beat. 

Meepo NLS Pro Electric Skateboard Video Review

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Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 28 MPH
Deck Length 38 inches
Motor 2x 540-watt hub motors
Range 11 Miles
Battery 36-volt 30Ah 144WH
Charge Time 3 hours
Max Load 330 LBS
Weight 16 LBS
Wheel Size 90mm and 62mm
Wheel Type 78a polyurethane wheels
Brake System Regenerative electric braking
Warranty 6 months
Price $$



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