Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter Review 2021: Best High End Scooter?

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50 mph


70 miles


101 lbs




The Wolf Warrior 11 from Kaabo is designed to run both on and off-road terrains, which means it is equipped to take on even the toughest of road conditions. With two powerful brushless motors and motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers, it is highly likely to deliver. 

In this Wolf Warrior scooters review, I will look into every feature and element that makes this mobility vehicle a cut above the rest. You may visit https://zippyelectrics.com/ to check how it differs from other electric scooters. And, one thing I am looking forward to and, without a doubt, you are interested to know is the speed and range.

So let us get right to it. 

Speed and Power output

The Wolf Warrior can hit a top speed of 50mph on a paved road at impressive acceleration. Thanks to its two motors with a base power output of 1200W and a large 35Ah LG Li-ion battery.  

Speed and performance may vary on rough terrains, but nothing too slow as to make it less admirable. In fact, you can climb a 45-degree incline without a problem.

When it comes down to it, you can push the electric scooter’s motors to reach a peak output of 5400W. Because this means insane acceleration, be sure to gear up for safety.

Just remember that how fast you go will depend on road conditions and the weight of the rider. 

Now, if there is a single-mode, then there is a dual-drive mode. Naturally, the former will get you to 31 mph, while the latter will give you a maximum speed of 50mph. 

Range and Battery Performance

As previously mentioned, the Wolf top speed is achieved partly because of the large 60V 35Ah LG battery that keeps it going up to 70 miles in eco mode and single drive. Of course, the range shortens when you take the scooter for thrilling rides, challenging the motor and battery power to their limits. 

Because of the size of the battery, expect recharge time to be longer at 14 hours or more when you use a single charger. You can cut it down to half or up to 8 hours when you use a second 2A charger. 

Do what the professionals do, however, which is to recharge after every ride. It is a lot quicker to top up the battery juice when there is still a bit of power left than with an empty battery. 

Remember to carry your charger along with you when you go for a long ride, so you will never have to ride empty. 

Design & Construction Quality

Designed for off-road use, the Wolf Warrior has all the makings of a rough and rugged scooter. It has a solid construction with massive hydraulic shocks and tubular steel exoskeleton frame. It also comes with lights, horn, and tire and braking system that will keep you safe when riding on roads less traveled.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Design And Construction with its DimensionFolded Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Design And Construction with Dimension

Kaabo makes all the structural components, while the brains, powerplant, and other electronic parts are made by MiniMotors. This is why many of its components are the same ones used with the Dualtron Thunder.


This high-speed electric scooter is made completely of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which accounts for its high durability. Combined with the reinforced frame and joints, it can definitely take a beating. 

Because it is made mostly of metal, including the mudguard and rail, weight is sacrificed. Then again, if you think about how much abuse it can handle, being heavy will not be a bother. 

Handlebar:Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Handlebars

The aluminum handlebars mimic those of downhill mountain bikes, which means it is super wide and strong. When riding downhill, it provides a comfortable position. You can adjust the height too to a maximum of 72 inches (6 feet). 

On the handlebars are all the control buttons and features that make up the cockpit–EYE3 controller, brake levers, horn, and power control. 

It has decent ergonomic grips as well. 

Foldable:Folded Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

When folded, Wolf Warrior 11 measures 59 x 11 x 19 inches, making it the longest folder scooter around. This means it will not fit into most car trunks, and lugging it around and onto the bus will be difficult as it weighs 101 lbs. Whew!

To fold the stem, simply use the folding mechanism. When unfolding, you need to insert into its designated slot a giant metal safety pin to lock down a giant anodized handle. 


The scooter is shipped fully assembled, but some parts will need to be added, such as the extra accessories. Right out of the box, however, you only need to unfold the scooter, charge the battery, and you are good to go.

Tires & Braking System

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Tires and Brake

This scooter from Kaabo is available with road or off-road tires installed, adding versatility to an already magnificent beast. You just need to switch tires if you expect to ride on the tarmac more. The road tires are available as a stock option.  

It uses 11-inch tubeless tires (1) which, when compared with tube tires, prevent flats as these retain air pressure even when punctured. This means it will still run for days because air loss is prevented. 

Tubeless tires are also lightweight. 

To complement the tires are dual front and rear hydraulic brakes that come with Zoom’s massive ventilated calipers. With thick and high-quality brakes, activating them is consistent, smooth, and linear. Braking also requires minimal force. You can use just two fingers to stop the scooter in its tracks.  


The Wolf Warrior is fitted with several safety features that will protect you when riding at night. It has extra huge dual headlights that resemble bug’s eyes. Turned on, they emit ultra-bright lights. 

Closer to the wheel are two smaller frontal LED lights that further illuminate your way. The tail/brake light, on the other hand, tells other motorists that you have activated the brake. 

The scooter also comes with a horn that sounds similar to that of a car. You can bet pedestrians will immediately move out of your way. 

There is also the electronic anti-lock braking system (eABS) that pulses an electronic brake when activated. Many users, however, recommend deactivating it and just rely on the hydraulic disc brakes.

The combination of tubeless tires, heavy-duty shocks, and ample ground clearance also guarantees stability.

Brand & Customer Service

All of the structural components of the Wolf Warrior 11 is made by Kaabo or formally known as Ningbo Kaabo Technology Co., Ltd (2). The professional technology company is located in Ningbo City, China and specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of various electronic products and hardware. 

Operating around people-centered principles, you can rely on them to support customers. The company has a 4.9/5 satisfaction rating in Alibaba, after all. 

In terms of the warranty, Fluid Freeride offers a 6-month warranty, while other retailers offer a 1-year limited warranty. 


Like most products on the market, this electric scooter from Kaabo is far from perfect.

  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Not easy to carry around or store in overhead compartments
  • More expensive than similar products
  • Cheap-looking chain that holds the metal safety pin of the folding mechanism. 
  • Even at maximum height, the handlebar is still low for some riders. 
  • Both tires spin, causing you to surf side-to-side when you launch the scooter with maximum power. 
  • eABS response is strong but can be unnerving for some.  

Who Should Buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11?Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 in 3D View facing to the left

This heavyweight and a rock-solid electric scooter is perfect for users who mostly ride on rough terrains (it may have made our list as the best off-road electric scooter too). It is built to endure a good amount of use and abuse, so you do not have to worry about it going through wear and tear quickly. 

Due to size and weight, it is not recommended for young children. Young teens and adults, however, will have fun with this machine. 

It is also ideal for anyone with a deeper pocket and who would not mind paying more to enjoy more features.

This electric scooter is made for heavy-duty use, off-road, and long-distance riding. If you are looking for something for commuting or cruising, you can check out my Swagtron Swagger 5 Electric Scooter Review

Final Verdict

I give the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Although it has all the makings of an off-road two-wheel, there are certain aspects of it that could be better. 

Is it impossible to build something powerful and lightweight at the same time? Then again, with the size of the motors needed to power the scooter, weight is expected to be big. It also follows that the battery has a bigger capacity and will take longer to recharge.

Our Rating:

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter Video Review


Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Specifications
Top Speed 50 MPH
Motor 2x1200 Watts
Range 70 miles
Battery 60 Volts
Charge Time 14 hours (one charger), 8 hours (two chargers)
Max Load 330 lbs
Weight 101 lbs
Wheel Size 11 inches
Tires Tubeless
Brake System Hydraulic
Warranty 6 months with Fluid Freeride
Price $$$$$$


It is sold on Fluidfreeride, Alibaba, and other online retailers.

No. The Wolf Warrior 11 is not water-resistant either.

The Wolf Warrior Scooter is made in China.

The Wolf Warrior can hit 50 miles per hour.

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