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Are you a commuter who would rather spend time with family and friends instead of sitting in traffic just to get to your destination? If you are, then you should probably find an alternative way of transport. Electric rides such as e-skateboards are becoming more popular than ever these days. People are starting to change their commuting routine to lessen carbon footprint (1) as much as possible, from sitting in traffic to zipping the busy streets with electric rides.

The Inboard M1 is a fantastic electric skateboard that can take care of all your transportation needs. To learn more about the impressive specs and features of this electric skateboard, keep reading this Inboard M1 electric skateboard review

Speed and Power output

Power Output Inboard M1

To start this Inboard M1 review, let’s talk about the speed of this electric skateboard. The Inboard M1 is equipped with the Manta Drive motor, which are dual in-wheel motors that can produce a maximum power of 1000 watts combined. Aside from the maximum speed of 22 miles per hour, the motor also boasts a cool futuristic sound. Hearing the sound of the motor for the first time will give you a sci-fi feel. 

The Manta Drive motor is extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. With the absence of gears and belts, the motor offers smooth acceleration, allowing the Inboard M1 to glide like a regular non-motorized skateboard.

You can switch between three different riding modes to get the speed you prefer. The beginner mode limits the speed to 5 mph. On intermediate mode, you can ride up to 14 mph, and lastly, the advanced mode will allow you to ride the board at full speed.

Range and Battery Performance 


Power ShiftThe Inboard M1 Powershift Battery is one of the first truly-swappable battery packs ever made for an electric skateboard. The battery can supply the board with enough power to reach up to 7 miles or more depending on the rider’s weight. Now the range may not be that impressive, but if you wish to travel a further distance, you can purchase extra battery packs and swap them in seconds to continue your journey. 

One of the best things about the Powershift Battery is that you can safely bring it on flights. You can bring up to three battery packs so you would never need a lift to and from the airport again depending on your location. The battery takes about 90 minutes to get a full charge.

Design & Construction Quality

Construction Quality Inboard M1
Now that we covered the speed and range, let’s dive into the Inboard M1’s pleasing design. This electric skateboard’s design is absolutely stunning. From the deck design to its built-in features, riders will truly appreciate what the Inboard M1 has to offer. 


The deck is built with a 3D Poplar wood core with a full sandwich PU sidewalls that is wrapped with the same fiberglass top sheet used for high-end snowboards. The battery compartment is found on top of the deck and the grip tape design is sleek and elegant. Overall, the deck does not look bulky compared to other boards where the battery is located underneath. 

The deck is also designed with lightweight tail bumpers for protection and reinforced truck mounting points. With all of the board’s features, it is very light, only weighing a little bit under 15 lbs.


Wheels Inbaord M1
The Red 80 mm 78a urethane wheels offer a very smooth ride. It runs smoothly across concrete and asphalt surfaces, and small cracks and road imperfections are hardly felt when riding through them. The colorway of this board truly defines elegance. 


Just when you thought the M1 couldn’t get any better, they equipped it with Caliber Trucks. Caliber is a company that makes trucks explicitly for going fast. They are stable when going fast, and have the right amount of responsiveness when turning and carving.

Remote Control:

Remote Design M1 Inboard
One of the best things about the Inboard M1 is the remote design. The RFLX remote is ergonomically designed to stay in the hand of the rider while decreasing strain on the muscles, especially for long rides. The remote design and intuitive controls allow the rider to focus more on the ride, without worrying about dropping the remote.

M1 Inboard App

You can control every aspect of the board with the downloadable smartphone app, such as adjust settings and switch riding modes. With the app, you can also use the touch throttle to control the board when the RFLX remote runs out of batteries.

Braking System

So far, the Inboard M1 does not disappoint. The braking system equipped on the M1 is a regenerative electric braking system that charges the board a little when going downhill and using the brakes. This gives you a little bit of extra mileage on the board. 

The braking feels really smooth and responsive without jerking and stopping abruptly, giving riders more confidence when braking. 


M1 Inboard Deck
In terms of safety, the Inboard is equipped with bright taillights and headlights when riding in low light conditions. Because of the different riding modes mentioned earlier, the M1 is safe for beginners and riders at any skill level. 

Braking and accelerating feel very safe for riders even on the advanced mode with the maximum speed unlocked. Overall, the Inboard M1 has all the necessary safety features riders will need. Make sure you wear a helmet, especially when riding fast to avoid serious injuries. 

Brand & Customer Service

The Inboard company (2) consists of a passionate team of individuals that put their time into developing cutting-edge electric transportation machines such as electric scooters and skateboards to make people’s lives easier. Their mission is to make workers and commuters experience an alternative way of transportation in cities around the globe. 

They believe that the time people waste on commuting could be spent doing something else like bonding with their families or doing something that people would enjoy. It is true that a lot of the tireless workers deserve more time for themselves instead of wasting it all on the long commute.

If you have more questions about the company, the warranty (3), and anything else, feel free to contact the Inboard company’s fantastic customer service through their email address at [email protected] You can also chat with Inboard Support through the smartphone app, which we think is pretty cool. 


  • The board is a little expensive
  • You need to purchase extra batteries to extend the range

Who Should Buy the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard?

The Inboard M1 is an incredible skateboard that shines in most aspects. It is fast, durable, and has more than enough built-in features that anyone can enjoy. Because of its speed and size, it might not be suitable for children.

Teens and adults will have a fantastic time with this Inboard electric skateboard. It can be used for commuting and other recreational purposes like cruising down the streets or zipping through urban traffic. This beast of a machine fits adventurous individuals who value style and performance. 

Because of the board’s safety features and different riding modes, this board is an excellent choice for beginners as well. It is a fun and efficient electric skateboard for teens and adults at any riding skill level. 

Final Verdict

The Inboard electric skateboard is the definition of performance. It is an excellent board that is loaded with features. It runs and accelerates smoothly and is predictable, making it a safe choice all-around. It may be a little on the expensive side, but with the combination of performance and features, the Inboard M1 is worth the bang for your buck. If money is not an issue, the Inboard M1 is an excellent choice for riders who value aesthetics, performance, and features. 

Because the pros outweigh the cons by a lot, we gave the Inboard M1 a whopping score of 4.5 out of 5 on our electric board stoke meter.

Our Rating:

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Video Review


Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 22 MPH
Deck Length 37.5 inches
Motor 1000 Watts
Range 7 miles per battery pack
Battery 43.2-volt Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time 1.5 hours
Max Load 250 LBS
Weight 14.5 LBS
Wheel Size 80 mm
Wheel Type 78a urethane wheels
Brake System Regenerative electronic braking
Warranty 14-day money-back guarantee with a 1-year warranty
Price $


The Inboard M1 is not entirely waterproof. It has an IP54 splash proof rating, meaning the battery and motor can withstand minor splashes, but it is still not recommended to use in the rain. Riding a skateboard or electric skateboard with urethane wheels on wet roads can be dangerous for riders.

It takes about 90 minutes to charge the Inboard M1 battery. Make sure that you always keep the battery charged when not in use to extend the battery life.

Yes, the Inboard M1 can carry riders that weigh up to 250 lbs. However, riders that weigh over 170 lbs can affect the speed of the board, especially when riding uphill. The manufacturers state that the range can also be affected by a margin of 2 miles if the rider is heavier than 170 lbs.

Yes, the Inboard M1 powershift battery can be quickly replaced in seconds. You also have the option to purchase extra sets of batteries to extend the range. The battery case is located on the top side of the deck, and you can easily change it when you run out of juice. Extra batteries are sold separately.

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