Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter Review 2022: Best E-Scooter

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

15.5 MPH


16 MPH


26.4 LBS




  • Very affordable
  • Very sturdy and good quality materials
  • Its dual braking system adds plus points to its safety features.
  • It’s even energy-efficient so it doesn’t use a lot of electricity
  • The Gotrax XR Ultra is a really light and compact device
  • Excellent build standard, with a good-sized handlebar and a roomy deck.


  • No Bluetooth or mobile support
  • The features are a little limited
  • No interactive display

Electric scooters can be a cost-effective and enjoyable way to ride long distances. As long as you follow the rules of the road, it will be a safe ride too. Compared to traditional scooters, electric scooters are unquestionably more convenient to ride since you don’t have to manually kick to accelerate. Since they are foldable, electric scooters are also portable.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric scooter in the near future, consider buying Gotrax XR Ultra. It has a lot of good features and is made by Gotrax, a leading brand that excels in processors in every product, including electric scooters. 

So is the Gotrax XR Ultra worth all the hype? Let’s find out as we look into all of its features in this Gotrax XR Ultra Review.

Speed and Power output

Gotrax XR Ultra Power and Output

This bad boy can go up to 15.5 miles per hour depending on the rider’s weight, speed, terrain, and other riding habits. This speed is already considered fast for an electric scooter, especially for kids and beginners. It is equipped with a 300-watt powerful motor, which makes it entirely capable of dealing with all forms of road conditions. 

The device is also connected to a high-voltage console, allowing it to produce 700 watts of electricity. As a result, the XR Ultra accelerates smoothly uphill without losing momentum. It has a multifunctional console feature that allows you to change the speed modes, which is very helpful, particularly for beginners.

Range and Battery Performance

Gotrax XR Ultra Range and Battery Performance

The Gotrax XR Ultra’s battery is located inside the downtube, making the deck much slimmer than other electric scooters and making it more compact and easy to transport around when not in use.  It comes with a high-capacity LG Battery 7.0AH that has a maximum range of up to 17 miles in ideal conditions. The Smart Battery Management System protects and extends the life of the battery.

The Gotrax XR Ultra battery also has a maximum range of 16 miles per charge, which is pretty impressive given that most electric scooters only have an 8 to 12-mile range per charge. The average charging time is 3 to 4 hours.

Design & Construction Quality

The Gotrax XR Ultra has an innovative portable folding design feature which is a good type of scooter and best for commuting. 


The frame of the scooter is made of aluminum alloy, while the secondary components are made of rubber and plastic. 


The GoTrax XR Ultra’s handlebar has been carefully constructed. It is not too complex, nor does it have extreme decoration. The throttle control is the only thing on the right side of the handle. A brake control and a small bell are located on the opposite side of the handlebar. 

A tiny LCD screen in the middle shows the speed of your scooter as well as the estimated battery life. In addition to all of this, a small red button has been mounted under the handlebar, which is responsible for turning the scooter on and off. The button is also in charge of controlling the headlight’s operation as well as adjusting the speed to the rider’s satisfaction.


The Gotrax XR Ultra is completely foldable, with a safety pin to keep it from folding on its own when you’re on the road riding the scooter. Folded, it becomes small enough to be carried in one hand, so you won’t have any trouble getting your trip up and down a flight of stairs or onto and off public transit.


The Gotrax XR Ultra will be delivered nearly entirely assembled, with the exception of the handlebar and brake cable. Removing the carrying hook at the top of the handlebar post, pressing the handlebars into the stem, and then tightening the hook with the Allen wrench given is all that is needed to connect the handlebars. After that, tie the loose wire into the fastening hook on the side of the stem and place the brake wire into the brake barrel. 

Tires & Braking System

Gotrax XR Ultra Tires and Braking SystemThe front and back tires on the GoTrax XR Ultra are air-filled (pneumatic). Each tire measures 8.5 inches in width and is capable of offering a comfortable ride. The greatest part about these tires is that they fit admirably in both dry and rainy environments. 

It comes with a dual braking system. One of them is a front-wheel-connected electronic braking system. The disc braking mechanism, which is attached to the handbrake, supports the back wheel. These disc brake systems are now a standard feature on electric scooters, and they have outstanding braking strength while still being simple to manage. 

Both brakes are incredibly smooth and have a harmonized feel. This means that regardless of how hard you slam on the brakes, the brake lever will change the speed without knocking you off the scooter.


Gotrax XR Ultra FoldingThe brake system on the GoTrax XR Ultra makes it a really stable scooter. The brakes are excellent and have sufficient stopping strength for a scooter of this size. As an added safety feature, it has a small pin that stops the scooter from folding or flipping unexpectedly when you’re riding it or taking it down the stairs. 

The excellent braking system, premium construction quality and style, not-too-high top speed, pneumatic tires, and a strong balance of the scooter all combine to make it a really safe option for almost everyone.

Brand & Customer Service

Gotrax is one of the best companies that brings the best electric scooter available on the market today. Aside from providing the best products, they also provide the best customer service.

Customer service is located in the United States, and they have free delivery for all of their products. You have a 30-day return window if you wish to return the scooter, and a 90-day extended guarantee is included (1).

On the Gotrax website, you’ll find owner’s guides, as well as a FAQ page (2) and contact details, if you have any concerns regarding your scooter.


Its power is insufficient to scale extremely steep hills. To drive up the slope, you’ll have to kick a little harder.

The biggest disadvantage of the XR Ultra is that it lacks a tail light and only has a rear reflector, which is insufficient for nighttime travel.

There is no suspension, which makes the journey on rocky grounds a bit tricky.

Who Should Buy the Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter?

There are a lot of reasons why I chose the Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter. But my main reason is that it is extremely lightweight and very portable. You can carry the scooter anywhere you want, even on public transportation like buses, and even on the subway.

Final Verdict

The Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter reaches a rating of 4.5/5 on our rating board. 

There’s always a space for improvement, that’s why I can’t call the GoTrax XR Ultra a perfect electric scooter. Though it has a 300-watt powerful motor capable of dealing with all forms of road conditions, it also comes with a high-capacity LG Battery 7.0AH that has a maximum range of up to 17 miles in ideal conditions. Both brakes are incredibly smooth and have a harmonized feel. It is completely foldable, with a safety pin to keep it from folding on its own when you’re on the road riding the scooter. A tiny LCD screen in the middle shows the speed of your scooter as well as the estimated battery life.

With all its extra and outstanding features, it is really hard to find an electric scooter as good as the Gotrax XR Ultra in the market today. 

Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Gotrax XR Ultra Specifications
Top Speed 15.5 MPH
Motor 300 watts
Range 16 miles
Battery 36 Volts
Charge Time 3-4 hours
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 26.4 LBS
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Brake System Dual Braking System (front and back)
Warranty 30 Day Return & 90 Day Warranty
Price $



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