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The Evolve Bamboo GTR is another excellent addition to Evolve’s growing line of electric skateboards. Whether you choose the Evolve Bamboo vs. Carbon, you will be in for a treat. 

Evolve is a company that continues to improve its brand of electric skateboards, relying on cutting-edge technology to innovate and revolutionize this mode of transport. It seems like they are not stopping anytime soon.  

At first glance, the Evolve Bamboo GTR boasts some unique features that genuinely show improvement between the GT vs. GTR. Aside from its strength, durability, and ride quality, this well-crafted machine comes with defying features that will ensure every user’s satisfaction. 

Because Evolve Electric Skateboard products are receiving a lot of hype, we just had to try out their products. Come with us on this journey as we give you an in-depth Evolve Bamboo GTR review.

Speed and Power output

The Bamboo GTR’s engine contains so much power. The dual belt 3000-watt motor offers satisfying speed. To produce this kind of power and speed, this Evolve Electric Skateboard relies on the mechanics of its motor integrated with a massive lithium-ion battery.

You can reach up to 26 miles per hour on this machine. Some neighborhood’s speed limit is only 25 MPH, so make sure you ride responsibly if you decide to pick one of these bad boys up.  

Like the Evolve Bamboo and Carbon GTX, this electric skateboard comes with various riding modes. The “Safe” mode allows you to ride at a minimum top speed. This particular mode is suitable for first-time riders. 

The new and improved “Eco” mode can now go up to 15 miles per hour. It increased significantly compared to the 8 mph on the previous GT version. You can now save battery and go at faster speeds.

Finally, if you want to release the insane power the Bamboo GTR has to offer, switch up to the “GT” mode. This mode allows you to reach the maximum speed of your electric skateboard. The speed may vary depending on the rider weight. Still, you could definitely feel the instant kick when you accelerate in this mode. 

The speed will also vary depending on the wheels you have equipped. The all-terrain wheels are much more substantial so that the acceleration will decrease by only a little. Still, the ride will become much smoother, especially on rough road conditions. 

Range and Battery Performance

The extended range of the battery is absolutely incredible. You get to enjoy riding for longer distances with the Bamboo GTR’s increased battery life. Because of the increased battery life, the battery itself covers the entire bottom of the deck, adding a little more weight to the board.

Some people wouldn’t mind the size of the battery because of the extra range benefit it would give the rider. Unlike the Bamboo GT, the GTR’s predecessor, you can ride the board until you hit the zero percent mark without changing to “Eco” mode.Deck of Evolve Bamboo GTR covers the battery

One cool feature we discovered is that you can still ride an extra one mile even after the battery has reached zero percent on the “Eco” mode. That one mile is very useful if you desperately need to reach your destination to charge your battery.

Another impressive piece of technology this board offers is the regenerative braking feature. This feature allows the rider to save battery life by braking, ultimately increasing the distance you can ride with a single charge. The maximum range of the Evolve Bamboo GTR is 31 miles per charge, but some users claim to have reached up to 33 to 35 miles.

Design & Construction Quality

The all-new board design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The new design is sleek and minimal compared to the GTX. The clear grip tape with black accents on the side of the deck really brings an old-school surfer vibe to its overall aesthetic. 

The 3-ply bamboo construction and 2-ply fiberglass make the board very durable and sturdy even for heavier riders up to 220 lbs. The all-black components, such as the trucks and battery, deliver a minimalistic approach that is pleasing to the eye. 

Overall, the design and construction quality is excellent. At first glance, the board looks like it can handle heavy-duty riding. After riding the Bamboo GTR for a week, it shows that it went through some rigorous quality assurance tests. 


The deck is entertaining to ride. Because of the improved concave and flex, you would be more confident when leaning into a carve or turn. The concave allows your feet to lock in position for a more comfortable ride. You will definitely have a blast surfing the concrete waves.Improved concave and flex deck of Evolve Bamboo GTR

Whether you are going down a steep hill or blasting through city streets, the flex on this deck can support your weight for less strain and fatigue. The feeling that you are much more connected to the board gives you a sense of security, even when riding at faster speeds. 


Evolve Bamboo GTR Front WheelsThe Bamboo GTR comes with two sets of wheels. (You can also choose one over the other) The urethane wheels are suitable for riding smooth concrete surfaces. Because the street wheels are lighter, the board runs much faster and more efficiently when they are equipped.

The street wheels are pre-broken in and stound-ground so that you can enjoy a smooth ride right out of the box. These wheels are great for daily commutes, sliding, and gripping through the streets.

Evolve Bamboo GTR Front Wheels

If you are more of an adventurous type, you should get the all-terrain wheels. This set of wheels is much heavier than the street wheels, but they are great for going through rough mountain roads and all sorts of off-road terrain. If your daily commute involves different kinds of terrain, this is the set of wheels for you. 

Remote Control:

Evolve Bamboo GTR Remote Control

The new Bluetooth remote’s connection for the GTR is incredibly fast. You can now accelerate and brake smoother than the previous GTX series remote. The power connection has been changed slightly for a more enjoyable power delivery.

With the improved power delivery and connection, it is much safer to ride fast on the GTR. Because you reach the speeds with a smoother execution, chances of you falling off the board are less. 

The remote displays useful data such as speed, distance, riding mode, and board diagnostics. The screen is helpful, especially if you want to know if you still have enough battery life to reach your destination.

Another exclusive feature for the Bamboo GTR, is the addition of two extra USB ports. These additional ports give you the ability to attach LED strips to add a cool effect when riding at night. You can also charge your phone. Cool feature, right?

Braking System

The all-new braking system feels a lot safer than the previous models. Because of the new magnetic remote, braking on the Bamboo GTR is a lot smoother and more reliable. Previous Evolve models received complaints about their braking features. It is a good thing that the company strives for improvement. 


This electric skateboard feels really safe to ride, despite its fast speed. If you are not in the “GT” mode, you can ride at safer speeds, which can be more suitable for beginners and first-time riders. 

Another neat safety feature is the “Safe” mode. When you are in this mode, the board will not pass a certain speed. The board automatically goes into this mode if it detects signal interference between the remote and board, allowing you to disembark and stop safely.

Brand & Customer Service

Evolve Skateboards is one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality electric longboards with distribution ports all over the world. They always try to improve their products with the latest technology, but still retain focus on the traditional skateboarding aspects such as carving and surfing the concrete.

They take most of their time trying to perfect their meticulously designed products to develop a range of some of the best electric skateboards in the market right now. Their products are excellent for commuting over a variety of different road conditions.

Most of their products offer a seven (7) day free trial and a 1-year warranty for defective products. You cannot return any product after seven (7) days with receipt. (4)

For more questions about warranty, defects, returns, orders, you can contact them at [email protected], and their US distribution office is located in Carlsbad, California. 


  • It may be too expensive for some consumers
  • There is no reverse function.
  • The battery cannot be taken on flights. 

Who Should Buy the Evolve Bamboo GTR Electric Skateboard?

The Evolve Bamboo GTR is recommended for people who like to do surfing maneuvers on skateboards. This off-road electric skateboard is perfect for going from point A to point B in a rather stylish manner. Because of the flex feature, going to your destination is more exciting and interesting with the Evolve Bamboo GTR.

Final Verdict

Overall, this electric skateboard lives up to the hype. It is a fun all-around electric skateboard that excels in so many aspects. It is one of the fastest, most powerful, and versatile electric skateboards in the marketplace right now. If you have the budget, this board is definitely worth buying. 

Our Rating:

Evolve Bamboo GTR Video Review


Evolve Bamboo GTR Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 26 mph
Motor 3000 watts
Range 31 miles
Battery 36 volts
Charge Time 1 Hour and 20 mins
Max Load 220 lbs
Weight 19.4 lbs
Wheel Size 97 mm
Tires -
Brake System Regenerative Braking Systems
Warranty 1 Year
Price $$$


Unfortunately, the Evolve Bamboo GTR is not waterproof. Avoid riding through puddles and in the rain to ensure that the motor and battery of the GTR is safe.

The Evolve GTR is equipped with the all-terrain wheels, the new maximum range of the will decrease to about 19 miles.

Due to the flexibility of the Bamboo GTR, it is not recommended for people who weigh over 220 lbs. For a more stable ride, you may want to try the Evolve GTR Carbon deck.

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