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The Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard puts the electric board community in awe. The overall design stays true to the Boosted standards in quality and performance. It sports a ninja-like aesthetic with a dark and elegant colorway that truly relates to its name. 

Is the Boosted Board Stealth worth buying based on features and performance alone?

In this in-depth Boosted Stealth review, we will dive deep into the features and specs of this high-end electric board and find out if it is really worth the hype. 

Speed and Power Output

Speed and power are some of the Boosted Stealth’s strongest suits. With a top speed of 24 miles per hour, you are sure to get to where you need to be fast and efficiently. You have the option to choose between five different riding modes to get to your destination at a speed that you are most comfortable with.

Boosted Stealth MotorWithout breaking a sweat, the Boosted Board uphill capability is up to a 25% grade. The Boosted Stealth’s drive design uses a 3:1 gear ratio and dual motors to make going uphill a breeze. Thanks to the board’s velocity control, going the opposite direction (downhill) is just as easy, without the speed going too fast.

For a board with a 2,100-watt engine, Boosted Stealth handles acceleration and stopping pretty well. Because it gains speed in a smooth way, you would not be thrown off the board when you suddenly accelerate.

It gives you an option to choose between 5 ride modes. One of which is the “Hyper Mode” that is exclusive to the Stealth. In this mode, you get to experience the true power of the Boosted Stealth electric skateboard without holding back. 

Range and Battery Performance

You can use this board to get around the city and back realistically. With a range of 14 miles per charge, you can get around far enough. Cruise around campus, through your favorite skate spots, and finish your daily errands in a stylish manner. Plus, you can lessen your carbon footprint if you ride this board to get to places instead of driving your car.

The battery features a vehicle-grade casing which makes it safe to use and abuse. It only takes an hour and 45 minutes to charge, which is pretty fast for the range you will get. Going into the “Eco” mode will maximize the mileage of the board but the maximum speed is 11 miles per hour with no hill climbing. 

Design & Construction Quality

As a premium addition to the Boosted Board Stealth range, this electric board does not only look slick, but it also excels in some of the most important aspects, such as speed and range. With this board, you get an extended distance to explore and go where you need to go in a manner that beats traffic jams and walking. 

At first glance of the Boosted Board Stealth specs, you will notice that the manufacturers and engineers took their time to build this fantastic board from the ground up. They paid attention to every single detail, with the consumers in mind. This made every possible improvement happen.

Now that you know the power this board is capable of, let us talk about the aesthetics and construction quality. The Boosted Stealth displays a sleek and “stealthy” design, truly deserving its name. The construction quality of this board is definitely built to withstand outdoor elements, making it capable of putting in thousands of miles.

For a board this size, the Boosted Board Stealth weight is surprisingly light (but not too light to carry around). At 17 lbs, this product is built with heavy-duty features that can withstand the test of time. Every component has gone through rigorous tests to prove that this board is designed long-lasting and durable. 


The Super-Flex Composite Deck makes the ride super responsive. It is modeled after high-tech snowboards that also boast of this feature. The flex lets the rider carve deeper into turns that make for a fun and more enjoyable ride. It absorbs the road vibration and lessens the strain on your feet. Want to go for longer rides? You will remain comfortable with Boosted Stealth.


The 85mm wheels contribute to a smooth ride. These are big enough to float over cracks and other road imperfections. It provides riders with excellent acceleration and the right absorption to make riding through bumps unnoticeable. Because they are built with more efficient metal pulleys, they tend to last longer and operate quietly, staying true to the “Stealth” name. 


To make their trucks more durable and responsive than their competitors, the 190mm trucks are built using CNC precision machines. Boosted knows that commuting through the city can cause an extreme amount of wear, so they built every component with the harshness of the daily commute in mind.

The Boosted Stealth Electric Board added a 5th ride mode which is insanely fast. The “Hyper” mode gives Boosted riders the speed they’ve been craving. You can access this mode by downloading the app on your mobile phone or by pressing the accelerate button on your Bluetooth remote five consecutive times to browse through the different modes. Because of the high-powered motor, you don’t even need to pull the trigger to reach max speed.

Remote Control:

The Bluetooth remote is ergonomically designed to reduce strain on your hands when going on long rides. The remote has two sensors to ensure a stable connection to the board even when riding through areas with a lot of network interference. It also features a “Jerk Filter,” which tapers acceleration and then stops to keep you from getting thrown off the board.

The remote is easy to operate. You would not have much of a problem with navigating the board’s controls because of its design and simplicity. It does not have an LCD, but it is equipped with LED lights to indicate the remaining battery. If you want to get more diagnostics such as range and modes, you can download the iOS and Android app and connect it to the remote via Bluetooth.

Braking System

The Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard features a regenerative braking system that makes the board a lot more efficient than it already is. Every time you come to a stop, the regenerative brake charges the battery a little. Aside from this cutting-edge feature, the brakes feel really safe when coming to a full stop. 


This board may be really fast, but it provides the necessary safety features to avoid minor and serious injuries. 

The “Jerk Feature” is designed to keep your feet on the board at all times. Beginners can ride the board safely in Beginner mode. However, in “Hyper” mode, Boosted dialed down the Jerk Feature, allowing intermediate riders to enjoy the fast acceleration they crave for. 

The Stealth does not only focus on riding safety, but it also has a safe battery with vehicle-grade casing to protect it from exploding and leakage. 

Brand & Customer Service

Boosted Boards (1) came into existence as an answer to the need to get around without the hassle and stress you are likely to encounter with conventional vehicles and non-motorized skateboards. 

Thanks to the constant innovation, the company has given the world functional products that are just as aesthetically pleasing. 

Buy products directly from their website and enjoy a 30-day guarantee (2) or you can return the item if you are unhappy with it.

All products from Boosted are covered with a 12-month warranty. This policy applies whether you purchased their boards directly from their website or from any of their authorized dealers.

For customer concerns, visit https://support.boostedboards.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.  


  • The battery is not safe to take on planes
  • It is a little too heavy to carry around
  • Can be a little expensive for riders on a budget 

Who Should Buy the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard?

The Boosted Board Stealth is for riders looking to add a little thrill to their commute. This board is suitable for beginners and intermediate riders alike. Also, this board is for people willing to spend a sum of money to purchase a board that they can use for realistic commuting. Although, as reliable as this board is for commuting, it is also a fun board for people who want to do longboard dance moves and slides with an electric boost.

Final Verdict

This board defines the word “performance.” It excels in so many areas, such as style, speed, range, and durability. The Stealth is a real game-changer, scoring a 4.7 out of 5 on our stoke meter. This board is probably the last electric board you will ever need.

Our Rating:

Boosted Stealth Electric SkateboardVideo Review


Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 24 mph
Deck Length 38 Inches
Motor 2,100 watts
Range 14 miles
Battery Extended-range battery
Charge Time 1 hour and 45 minutes
Max Load 259 lbs
Weight 17 lbs
Wheel Size 85 mm
Brake System Regenerative Braking system
Warranty 12-month warranty with a 30-day free trial
Price $$$


Technically, the Boosted Stealth is not waterproof nor has patented waterproof technology.

Unfortunately, the extended range battery equipped on the Boosted Stealth is too big to meet the legal requirements. If you must carry this board on a plane, you can always switch to the regular 99Wh battery when going on flights.

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