Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard Review 2023: Best High End Board?

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

22 MPH


14 miles


17 LBS




  • Fast charging
  • Excellent speed
  • Excellent distance
  • Great for carving and cruising
  • Wheels can slide like a regular longboard
  • Extremely durable
  • Good customer service
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with precision machined trucks


  • Bulky
  • Difficult to carry around
  • Received complaints about factory defects

Sporting a timeless and classic look, the Boosted Board Plus is part of the third generation of Boosted’s line of high-end electric skateboards. The company always aims to improve its products to cater to the needs of the electric board riding community, and the Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard is one of their best ones yet.

The overall design is a mixture of a classic longboard look sprinkled with contemporary accents and details. The geometric shapes on the bottom of the deck make the board look clean and fresh. The orange wheels truly stand out bringing out the authentic “longboard” look.

Aside from its alluring looks on the outside, it also provides the necessary boost that allows you to get to places without running out of steam. With the Boosted Board Plus Specs, you can carve and cruise to reach far distances on a reliable skateboard that is built to last. 

What else did we miss? Come on and find out as I will provide you with all the information you are going to need in this detailed Boosted Plus review.

Speed and Power Output

One of the most important specifications people look for when searching for an electric skateboard is speed. In this aspect, as well as power, the Boosted Board Plus has your back. The 2000-watt motor can provide the right amount of torque to make the board go as fast as 22 miles per hour.

The belt drive motors that the Boosted engineers developed is truly one of a kind. These motors provide three times the amount of torque you need for a rapid boost and smooth acceleration. 

The Boosted Plus has 4 different riding modes that accommodate different skill levels from beginners to pros. The “Beginner” limits the maximum speed to 16 miles per hour, which is a suitable learning curve. Once you get the hang of riding the Boosted Plus, you can move on to the “Pro” or “Expert” modes. These two modes can provide enough power to ride the Boosted Board uphill

Range and Battery Performance

With the inclusion of the extended-range battery, the Boosted Board Plus range can take you up to 14 miles per full charge. The range is substantial enough to get you where you need to be and back. Plus, it only takes less than two hours to get a full charge from 0 to 100%. For the amount of range that this board can haul, the charging time is quick. 

The battery features vehicle-grade casing and anti propagation safety technology to ensure that it is safe and won’t cause any hazards. Other cheap brands tend to overlook the importance of battery safety, but not Boosted. They know that extensive power comes with responsibility towards the rider’s safety. 

To get the maximum range out of this board, you can switch it to the “Eco” riding mode. This mode sets the maximum speed of 11 miles per hour, which is a pretty chill cruise speed if you are not in a hurry. However, you will not be able to climb hills when you are in this mode. To change between the different riding modes, you can download the iOS and Android app and pair it with the Bluetooth remote.

The Boosted app will give you the option to switch riding modes. It will also display the riding mode, battery life, and other diagnostics. These features are pretty much what you can do with the Boosted app. 

Design & Construction Quality

Now that we know that the Boosted Plus excels in speed, range, and motor performance, let us take a look at its style and durability. The board design looks pretty neat and meticulously detailed. It stays true to the classic longboard look, but it also has a dash of elegance and sophistication.  

This board is quite heavy compared to a regular longboard, but then again, it is not designed to be carried around. It is designed to carry you. When you pick up this electric skateboard, you will notice a clean finish on each corner, with hardly any blemishes. Boosted utilized high-quality materials to build this board, from the deck itself and for all of the components.  


To build the deck, Boosted patterned their construction techniques from a high-end snowboard manufacturing company, and the results are really awesome. The deck came out to be super flexy retaining the trademark Boosted flex and feel. The Super Flex composite technology helps riders really dig into deep carving. Plus, the flex also makes for a refined and comfortable ride for long journeys. They also included some enhancements to make the deck last for a long time, traveling 1,500 miles a year at maximum speed. 


The Boosted Plus is equipped with the 85mm Boosted Stratus wheels. These wheels deliver a high roll speed. Because of its large size, you can speed through road imperfections such as cracks and bumps, hardly feeling anything at all. The durometer of these urethane wheels is soft enough to float around rough roads but hard enough to grip tight corners.


To add more strength and durability to the Boosted Plus, they equipped the drivetrain with 190mm forged precision trucks. Forged trucks (3) are a lot more durable than regular cast trucks. These were shaped from a solid piece of metal, instead of pouring the materials into a mold like regular cast trucks. Because these trucks are made with precision, they are not prone to bending and respond much better to the rider’s movement. 

Remote Control:

The “pistol-style” Bluetooth remote was ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue on your hands when riding for long periods of time. The remote is equipped with two sensors ensuring a stable connection to the board. These sensors allow you to ride through busy areas without getting interfering with the signal that links the board and remote with each other. 

The remote is designed for easy navigation. It has an acceleration trigger that you press to make the board move, and a speed slider to control the maximum speed and velocity. To make the board come to a safe stop, just pull the speed slider down. The remote is also equipped with LED lights to indicate the remaining battery.

Braking System

Boosted Plus’ braking system is exquisite. To make the board a lot more efficient than it already is, the mad geniuses from Boosted equipped the Boosted Plus with an efficient regenerative braking system. This braking system is the same kind of system that is equipped with hybrid cars. Every time you come to a complete stop when you use the brake, it recharges the battery with a little electric juice. 

The feel of the brakes is really smooth even when you are coming from fast speeds. Instead of stopping abruptly, the Boosted Plus will slow down first before you come to a complete stop. The brake feel will give riders more confidence to use their brakes when needed. 


When it comes to safety, this board can deliver. For a board that can go as fast as 22 miles per hour, it still provides the right amount of safety so beginners and pros alike can enjoy this board. 

The four riding modes help beginners avoid getting hurt when learning how to ride this board. It does not accelerate or stop abruptly, ensuring that riders will not get thrown off the board or get nervous. The Boosted plus also provides the battery with protection to avoid any leaking or hazards. 

Boosted does their part by adding safety features and warnings. As skateboard riders, you should also do your part by riding responsibly and wearing the right safety gear.

Brand & Customer Service

Boosted (1) is one of the leading suppliers of longboards and shortboards with the necessary boost you need to make commuting not only easier but also much faster. Before the company became Boosted, it was started by a couple of grad students who just wanted to make their way around campus in a much easier manner. Some people would call them lazy, but most of us call them geniuses.

Thanks to them, we get to enjoy their invention and use them for more than just campus cruising. Boosted Boards has developed more refined boards since then. 

Not only do they have excellent customer service, but Boosted Boards also has fast and reliable shipping in the United States. Once they receive your order, expect to get a Boosted Board within that same week, assuming there are no disputes. 

All of their products come with a 12-month warranty that covers factory defects or shipping and handling damages. If you buy their products directly from their website, you also get a 30-day guarantee. If you are not happy with the board, you can return it and get a refund within a month of your purchase.

If you have any more questions, concerns, suggestions or anything else in between, you can contact their kind and helpful customer service at their website. (4)


  • Can be a little expensive for riders on a budget 
  • It is a little too heavy to carry around
  • The battery is not safe to take on planes

Who Should Buy the Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard?

This Boosted Board is recommended for riders from ages 16 and up. Because it is fast and a little bit heavy, younger teens and kids could get seriously injured if they attempt to ride the Boosted Board Plus. This board is for people looking for a reliable and realistic means of transportation. If you want a board that can get you anywhere and back in a stylish manner, the Boosted Plus is the board for you. 

Final Verdict

Scoring a whopping 4.5 out 5 on our charts, the Boosted Plus really excels in most of the important aspects that make an excellent electric board. It may be a little expensive for some consumers, but this board is worth every single penny. Upon purchasing this powerhouse electric board, you get a stylish, powerful, fast, and durable electric board that could go the distance. 

Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard Video Review

Our Rating
Boosted Plus Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 22 MPH
Deck Length 38 Inches
Motor 2000 watts
Range 14 miles
Battery Extended range battery
Charge Time 1 hour and 45 minutes
Max Load 250 LBS
Weight 17 LBS
Wheel Size 85mm
Brake System Regenerative brake system
Warranty 12-month warranty with a 30-day trial period
Price $$$



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