Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard Review 2023: Best High End Shortboard?

Our Rating
Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Breaking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

18 MPH


99Wh Lithium-ion battery


15 LBS




  • You can take it on flights
  • Fast charging time
  • Functional kicktail
  • Deep dish concave deck design
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Portable size
  • Sleek and elegant aesthetic


  • Short-range
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for rough terrain

This mini electric board offers you the same features of a regular electric skateboard and more. With a size of 29.5 inches, you can take the Boosted Board Mini S anywhere. It will fit nicely in most overhead bins on trains, buses, or even planes. 

The hype is surely strong with this one. However, is the Boosted Board Mini S worth all the attention it is getting?

Let us find out as we round up the specs and test the waters in this detailed Boosted Mini S review.

Speed and Power output

For an electric skateboard of its size, 18 miles per hour seems pretty fast. The 1000-watt motor comfortably reaches max speed and can go uphill at up to a 20% grade without breaking a sweat. 

The Boosted Board weight limit for this model is up to 220 lbs. Heavy riders would not have trouble cruising through the city, but riding the Boosted Board uphill is an entirely different thing. 

Heavier riders say that the board cannot run up a steep hill when you weigh 150 lbs or higher. Some users say that it helps when you lean your weight to assist the board when going uphill.  

This electric skateboard comes with three different riding modes that you can change using the iOS or Android app or with the remote. The beginner mode is recommended if you lack the experience of riding an electric board or a mini-cruiser in general. In this mode, you can ease into the learning curve and work your way up to being comfortable riding at faster speeds. 

In expert mode, you can reach the Boosted Mini S’ top speed. The terminal velocity on this board is superb. Despite all its power, you would not feel like falling off because of over accelerating. The motor eases into its maximum speed at a comfortable pace, and the same goes for slowing down. 

Range and Battery Performance

The Boosted Board Mini S range is decent. It can reach a maximum range of 7 miles, which may not be enough for going on longer trips. 7 miles, on the other hand, is suitable enough for going around the campus or making short trips to the mall or grocery store. 

The battery is smaller compared to the Boosted Mini X, which is a good thing because it makes the board two pounds lighter. This makes it more portable to carry around. It also meets the IATA requirements for taking the battery onboard your next flight, making the Boosted Board Mini S a board you can carry literally anywhere. 

The battery takes an hour to get a full charge, which is quite fast. If you use this board on a daily basis, you might want to bring the charger with you or charge it every night. If your daily commute is under 7 miles, you can always bring the charger and charge the board at school or at work. 

One thing that feels kind of off is the remote charger. It still uses an outdated mini USB-B, which is kind of odd. It is not really a deal-breaker or anything, some people might find it a hassle to double-check the USB charger every time you have to charge the remote. 

Design & Construction Quality

Now that you know what the motor and battery are capable of, let us talk about the Boosted Mini S’ design. The overall look is classy and durable at first glance. The all-black exterior exudes elegance. The orange wheels give the board a little bit of contrast, creating a pop of color. 

Boosted did an excellent job with this electric skateboard, making it small enough for riders on the go. Compared to the Boosted Mini X, the battery of this electric skateboard is much smaller, making the board a little bit lighter. 

Smaller boards such as this one are perfect for riding in the city. It is more comfortable to navigate tight sidewalks and turns with a cruiser than riding on a longboard. However, smaller boards with a narrower wheelbase might be less stable and require more skills to use.

The deck is made with quality materials to ensure that it can withstand time and riding conditions. Because this is an electric skateboard with kicktail, you can smoothly float over tiny bumps and road imperfections. It may be a little heavy to do kickflips and ollies, but you can use the kicktail to do kick turns or pivot the board when you find yourself in tight spots. 


The Boosted Mini S deck is made of lightweight and high-quality materials. This ensures stiffness and durability. It is made with a poplar core that is wrapped with fiberglass to ensure a smooth ride. 

The shape stays true to the authentic cruiser and surfboard style. The kicktail is fully functional. However, do not expect it to work as a regular skateboard kicktail. The Boosted Board Mini S weight clocks in at 15 lbs. It requires you to put a little force when lifting the kicktail and the board off the ground.



The Boosted Mini S is equipped with a set of Boosted Lunar 80mm urethane wheels. These wheels are soft enough to pass through road imperfections, such as cracks, small potholes, and tiny rocks. It is still hard enough to grip when needed, however. With these wheels, you can bust out some slides and make your commute much more enjoyable.


The trucks equipped on the Boosted Board Mini S are very responsive. It has the right amount of rebound that gives you more confidence when you lean into tight turns. Carving on the Boosted Mini S is such a delight. Because the trucks are forged, these trucks do not bend that easily even after years of abuse. 

Forged trucks are more durable than regular cast trucks. Instead of casting the alloy into a mold, they are forged and shaped from a solid piece of metal. This process makes the trucks more precise than regular cast trucks, decreasing the possibility of bending out of shape over time. 

Remote Control:

The Ergonomic pistol-style remote feels awesome. It is Bluetooth enabled, so you can use the iOS and Android app to change modes and display the board’s diagnostics such as the odometer and range. The remote itself has an LED indicator to remind you how much battery life you have left. It has two controls. The acceleration trigger is used to accelerate, while the speed slider is used to adjust the top speed and to bring the board to a smooth stop. 


Braking System

The Boosted Mini S has a regenerative braking system. It subtly charges the battery for a more efficient ride. If you have ever driven a hybrid car, some models are also equipped with the same braking system that charges the battery when you come to a complete stop. 


Overall, the safety features on the Boosted Mini S are effective. It may be fast, but there is no sudden acceleration and stopping movements. Choosing between different modes ensures first-time riders a safe ride in beginner mode. Another great safety feature is the Deep Dish technology used to keep the rider’s feet in a comfortable locked-in position. 

Brand & Customer Service

Boosted (1) was founded by two grad students who were searching for a way to get around campus quickly and easily. 

Little did the creators know that, in a few years, their innovative ways will be recognized and patronized all around the globe. Until now, Boosted Boards continues to create fantastic transportation alternatives. 

The people at Boosted have a lot of faith in their products, which is why they let you try it for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can always return it (2). This policy is only applicable if you purchased the product directly through their website. However,you will have to shoulder the shipping fee and you will not get refunded for the shipping and handling the first time around. Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay the $100 restocking fee.

Whether you have purchased the product through the official website or authorized retailer, a 12-month warranty is included. 

For more questions and concerns about Boosted products and their policies, email  


  • The range is not suitable for longer rides
  • Might be too expensive for most consumers
  • Not that comfortable on rough terrain

Who Should Buy the Boosted S Mini Electric Skateboard?

Based on the Boosted Board Mini S specs, the board is tailored towards a rider who is looking for a fun board to cruise around with either around campus or around the city. Either you are a beginner or an intermediate rider, this electric board is one that you can take with you almost anywhere because of its size and portability.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Boosted Board Mini S is a “FUN” board. It is responsive and durable that could last years, depending on how you use it. Scoring a 4.3 over 5 on our charts, this one is truly worth the attention and hype. The Boosted Mini S is an excellent electric board that is built with style and function in mind.

Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard Video Review

Our Rating
Boosted Mini S Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 18 MPH
Deck Length 29.5 inches
Motor 1000 Watts
Range 7 Miles
Battery 99Wh Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time 1 hour
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 15 LBS
Wheel Size 80mm
Brake System Regenerative braking system
Warranty 12-month warranty with a 30-day trial period
Price $$



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