Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Review 2022: Best E-Scooter

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Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

39 MPH


40 Miles


77 LBS




  • All around scooter
  • Impressive speed
  • Robust stem that prevents wobbling at top speed
  • Ergonomically designed handlebar (curved bar, grips, thumb throttle)
  • HEX display
  • Quad suspension technology 
  • Switchable motor from single to dual motor
  • 1000 lumen headlight


  • High price 
  • Weight reduces portability

In 2021, Apollo launched their most anticipated mid-range performance electric scooter and added it to their Apollo Phantom lineup. Many e-scooter enthusiasts have shown much interest in this model because of its carefully crafted design based on feedback from thousands of riders.

Apollo’s line of electric scooters is promising. Now that their new model is out, we prepared this Apollo Phantom electric scooter review to help you see for yourself if it’s worth all the hype or not. Let’s go ahead and find out. 

Speed and Power output

ApolloPhantom Speed and Power output

Image Source: Apollo Scooters

Apollo Phantom’s speed performance does not disappoint. It powers up a thrilling ride that can reach a top speed of 39 miles/hour on flat ground. This speedy scooter is powered by two brushless motors for a more efficient, more reliable, and less noisy ride. 

The motors have nominal and peak outputs of 1200W and 1600W, respectively, for a combined sheer power of 3,200W. Knowing Apollo’s previous models, this is quite an awesome feat. With that amount of power comes an impressive acceleration. On flat ground, the Phantom goes 0-10 miles/hour in just 1.8 seconds, 0-20 miles/hour in 3.7 seconds, and 0-30 miles/hour in 7.6 seconds.

This scooter has a motor management button that enables you to switch from a single motor to a dual motor for increased speed and acceleration performance.

Range and Battery Performance

Under the step-board of the Phantom lies the Dynavolt battery cells with 52V 23.4aH. Although not as powerful as the high-end models, they can still take you a long way and can get you up the hills pretty decently. The battery has a solid range of 40 miles on a conservative power setting and 25 miles on a full blast setting. 

The battery section has 2 charging ports, with an approximate charging time of 12 hours on a single charger. If you pick up another charger, you could cut the charging time to just 6 to 8 hours.

Design & Construction Quality

Apollo Phantom Design & Construction Quality

Image Source: Apollo Scooters


According to Apollo, the Phantom’s frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum for superior strength quality and corrosion resistance. The scooter’s design features a deep black color and the parts sport a futuristic look. 


The 27-inch handlebar of the Phantom is wide enough to achieve better stability and control. Its curved design puts your elbows and arms in a relaxed position, making it possible to ride for long periods of time. The grips are ergonomically designed too. It fits both big or small hands.

Apollo also made the buttons pretty simple and easy to control. The headlight button introduces you to the 1000 lumen light that you won’t find in any electric scooter on the market. It might look little, but the headlight is enough to illuminate the entire street. Another cool feature that they put up is the thumb throttle. It’s hands down the most convenient way to accelerate.

Phantom boasts of the HEX Display where almost all features are integrated on the handlebar’s centerpiece. This eye-catching piece is the most anticipated feature of the Phantom, and it performed beyond our expectations. More than just the speedometer and range estimator, the HEX’s big-sized screen is also loaded with various features. 

It is also reactive and shows simple details of your activity. It indicates what speed mode you are on; the brakes are applied, and even flashes your light indicators when they’re on. Moreover, the display allows you to customize the settings depending on your preference. Sadly, the HEX display is not bright enough in full daylight, making it hard to view under the bright sun.


Another innovative design on this model is the lock and folding mechanism which features the safety pin, the locking ring, and the folding latch. Along with this is the stem’s double-layer aluminum material that gives you very solid stability with zero wobbles at high speeds. 

The Phantom is easily foldable but not that portable. With a weight of 77 pounds, you need extra effort to be able to transfer this machine into the trunk of a sedan. The handlebar does not fold either and will require added storage space. Nevertheless, it still passed the trunk test. 


The Phantom is shipped with one charging box, a charging cable; an accessory bag, and a tool kit. 

The e-scooter is assembled when it arrives at your doorstep but you’ll need to make certain adjustments before you take it out for a ride for the first time. Apollo created an easy set-up guide video (1) on how to assemble your phantom right from the box. Check out their YouTube channel to see the video.

Tires & Braking System

Apollo Phantom Tires & Braking System

Image Source: Apollo Scooters

Apollo continued their 10-inch tires to the Phantom, but with a wider size of 3.25 inches for better traction. The tires are pneumatic (air-filled) and are labeled as “hybrid.” This means it fits well in both off-road and on-road conditions. 

For the braking system, Apollo provided a bigger disc brake with a size of 160mm. This contributes to better braking performance than the standard-sized discs on the market. While experienced riders may prefer the hydraulic brakes because of their responsiveness, disc brakes are great when riding in wet conditions. The Phantom also has a regenerative hand-braking technology that recharges its battery upon decelerating.


The scooter has 7 inches of ground clearance that is safe enough when you hop out of a curb; ride on nature trails, or speed up on grassy surfaces. Apollo also installed a key-lock ignition for you to use a key to power on and off your scooter. 

However, lacking a horn and side mirrors could cause concerns for newbie riders. Also, there are no left-right indicator lights on the front of the scooter which could have added a safer riding experience.


Compared to other commuter electric scooters, the Apollo Phantom does not have a Bluetooth feature for tracking data via a smartphone. 

Brand & Customer Service

Apollo has already established itself as one of the prominent electric scooter manufacturers that value innovation and customer feedback. Based in Canada, this company gained praise from scooter enthusiasts worldwide because of its high-level commitment to improving its brand. 

Apollo offers a 24-month warranty, the longest warranty coverage in the industry for any manufacturing defect (12 months upon receiving the scooter), and a Wear and Tear Plan (24 months upon receiving the scooter), which is free basic maintenance of the scooter’s brake pads, fenders, inner tubes, and tires. All you have to do is pay for the shipping cost (2). 

Another important customer service feature that they provide is the live chat on their website.

Their customer support team immediately answers your concerns and questions about their products.


  • One charger can take you up to 12 hours of charging time
  • For daily use, the Phantom is not ultra-portable because of its weight 

Who Should Buy the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter?

This electric scooter is recommended for people ages 18 to 60 years old. This machine is built for all-around use intended for daily commutes, or just for leisure riding. It has great range and speed that may overwhelm beginners at first, but the best part is that it is user-friendly. It has control features that beginners can learn easily.

However, the 20.5 x 8.5 Inches step-board may not be wide enough for some people. Make sure to check out our detailed specifications below to know if this scooter suits your size.

Final Verdict 

The Apollo Phantom has exceeded expectations but we give it a score of 4.8 out of 5

The score could be an easy 5 out of 5, if not because of the lack of portability, brightness of the HEX display at full daylight, and the size of the step board. Front light indicators, side mirrors, and a horn would be nice if included as well. The price is too high for a mid-range scooter as well. 

However, based on style, motor performance, speed, and battery range, it’s an excellent e-scooter for its kind. Its smooth responsiveness when transitioning from off-road to on-road is impressive. The quad-spring technology and the stem’s lock and folding mechanism are truly a game-changer in the industry. Moreover, Apollo’s warranty plan and approach to customer service are one the best.

Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Specifications
Top Speed 39 MPH
Deck Length 20.5 x 8.5 Inches
Motor 2 x 1200W nominal, 2 x 1600W peak
Range 40 Miles
Suspension Quadruple spring suspension
Battery 52 Volts 23.4AH
Charge Time 12 hours single charger, 6 hours two chargers
Max Load 300 LBS
Weight 77LB weight
Wheel Size 10 x 3.25-inch
Wheel Type Hybrid pneumatic tires
Brake System Mechanical or Hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs
Warranty 12 months for factory defect and 24 months for basic component maintenance
Price $$$



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