Apollo Light Electric Scooter Review 2022: Best E-Scooter

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Our Rating
Build Quality
Top Speed
Braking and Safety
Value for Money

Top Speed:

22 MPH


22 miles


37 LBS




  • Affordable price
  • Fork suspension that creates great shock absorption
  • Great speed for a city commuter electric scooter
  • The foldable design and adjustable height stem


  • No Bluetooth
  • A little heavy

The Apollo Light may be the best city commuter available in the market right now. Are you wondering why? 

In this thorough review I made, I will show you my unbiased thoughts about this electric scooter. I personally think it’s fantastic and offers great value because of its top-notch specs and design, given its price. The Apollo Light came back this year with a lot of upgrades that increased its value but not the cost. 

The Apollo Light is awesome indeed. But is it truly worth all the attention and hype it’s been getting? Let’s look deep into everything this electric scooter has to offer in this Apollo Light electric scooter review and find out for ourselves. 

Speed and Power output 

One of the reasons why this scooter is great for commuting is because of its speed and motor power. With the help of its 350W power, it can accelerate up to a 15MPH speed in around 5 seconds. 

The top speed of the Apollo Light electric scooter is 22MPH and can climb uphill with ease up to 10 degrees. However, further testing revealed that you can maximize climb up to 11 degrees, depending on the weight of the rider. 

This scooter has three gears: Gear 1 has 8MPH max speed, Gear 2 15MPH, and Gear 3 22MPH–making it an all-around choice for beginners and pros alike. The applicable terrains you can cruise on are typical streets, pathways, trails, and bike lanes.

Range and Battery Performance 

With its 48 volts 10.2aH battery, the Apollo Light can reach distances up to 22 miles on a single charge. The charging time of Apollo Light is 6 hours using a standard charger, but you have the option to upgrade to a fast charger that takes only about 2 hours.

On bumpy and rough surfaces, it can still go a long way of 16 miles. This is more than a decent range compared to its competitors. 

The Apollo Light scooter’s battery is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle batteries, the Dynavolt. The Dynavolt battery performed way better compared to the commonly used LG batteries after years of extensive testing.

Design & Construction Quality

Apollo Light Electric Skateboard

The Apollo Light electric scooter’s frame is forged with aluminum. The black color looks stunning, especially with its blue accents that add more character. Forged aluminum metal is comparably a better material than die-cast aluminum commonly used in electric scooters.

It weighs 37 lbs., which may be a bit heavier compared to others but it is still compact and portable. A few pounds in weight doesn’t change the fact that this promising electric scooter has a lot more to offer in the personal electric vehicle platform in contrast to others.

Apollo Light Electric Skateboard Design Quality


The first thing that you will notice in the Apollo Light is its forged aluminum line frame. Compared to others in the market that uses die-cast aluminum, a forged aluminum material creates a sturdier, more durable, and lighter frame, which makes it effortless to carry a 220-pound rider. 

The maximum weight capacity of the Apollo Light may be a disadvantage to some but let’s not disregard the fact that the heavier load an electric scooter has to carry, the more limitations on the power and performance capability.


Because a couple of electric scooter brands introduced the foldable handlebar design, you might think that the Apollo Light will be disadvantageous on this part. After numerous portability and handling tests, I can personally say that the foldable handlebar design did not disappoint. It continues to work perfectly and does not wobble after utilizing it for some time.


The Apollo Light electric scooter’s tough frame material ensures that the folding mechanism is durable and safe. With the forged aluminum matter, the transition is smooth compared to Apollo Light’s predecessor. The three-way stem folding is pretty easy to use and perfect for different kinds of riders because each has his/her preference. The adjustable-height stem also adds to its portability and gives stem length options to different riders. 


The Apollo Light comes as it is with just a few steps to do before you can ride it. It’s assembled already when delivered to you. You just have to unfold the full body of the Apollo Light by pulling the lever of the stem lock. Then, unfold the handlebar and turn the knobs to lock it in place. Lastly, unlock the stem to choose the best height for your posture.

Always carefully read the manual before riding your Apollo Light electric scooter.

Tires & Braking System

The Apollo Light is equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires. The tires, together with the dual-fork suspension on the front and spring suspension in the rear, make the Apollo Light run smoother. It also has one of the best shock absorption systems in the market.

Another awesome upgrade Apollo made for the all-new Light Electric Scooter is its braking system. It is rigged with a rear drum brake that requires three times less maintenance than other brake systems installed on competitors. The Apollo Light also has a regenerative electric brake that will pass a reverse current directly to the motor, slows you down, and recharges the battery at the same time.

Apollo Light Tires and Braking System


The rear drum brake is not as strong as the hydraulics available on the others but it is enough, considering the price of the Apollo Light. With the rear drum brakes, it gives enough braking power to the 350W power and speed of this scooter. On a fast halt, it is commendable compared to hydraulics but it’s a little jumpy on slow braking.

The water-resistant level is IP54 which makes the Apollo Light ideal for wet terrains and light rain. It has 5 lights to guide you in the dark, one on the front wheel and 4 other lights on each side corner of the deck. 

The only disadvantage I can see at this point is the lack of a bright headlight. Although 5 lights on different parts of the deck and wheel mean that it can be easily seen by other vehicles in the dark, it doesn’t give you much illumination ahead to guide you while driving.

Brand & Customer Service

The Apollo brand is not only known for manufacturing quality and durable electric scooters but they are also known to care for their customers. They take the feedback seriously and make sure to consider them in the upgrades or products they are going to make. 

They have extended operating hours to help with your queries. Their operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. You can contact them on the toll-free number 833 553 0456 or email them at [email protected]. Apollo offers free shipping at the Continental US and Canada.

Apollo accepts the return of products if it is not used within the 14-day return policy. They have widened their services such as making a “before you buy” guide to help you decide and choose the best suitable electric scooter for you and your lifestyle. (1)

If the scooter is used they will not accept it even if you return it within 14 days. They have a 12-month limited warranty coverage against manufacturing defects and a 24-month Apollo protection plan for wear and tear (2). 


  • Bluetooth system is not present in the Apollo Light
  • Mudguards could be improved

Who Should Buy the Apollo Light Electric Scooter?

The Apollo Light is the best for city commuters. It has the features and design to accommodate day-to-day travels. It also has a construction build that is equipped for the city’s hustle and bustle. 

With its speed that can reach 15MPH in five seconds, powerful braking system, shock-absorbing suspension, and tires that can easily hustle at the patched and unpredictable pavement, this electric scooter will make your city commute easier and way more enjoyable.

Final Verdict

I give this electric scooter a solid 4 out of 5 on our charts. 

The Apollo brand name is reputable when it comes to the construction and design of their scooters because each one went through hundreds of extensive tests. Overall, I commend Apollo’s effort of lessening what I call luxury perks to stay within the price range of the target market. If lessening the luxury features means providing a sturdy and quality electric scooter then I’m all for it. 

Apollo Light Electric Scooter Video Review

Our Rating
Apollo Light Electric Skateboard Specifications
Top Speed 22 MPH
Motor 350 watts
Range 22 miles
Battery 48 Volts
Charge Time 2hrs.(fast charger)
Max Load 220 LBS
Weight 37 LBS
Wheel Size 8.5 inches
Wheel Type Pneumatic tires
Brake System Rear drum
Warranty 24 months
Price $799



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