How to Ride a Hoverboard in 2 Minutes (Easy Beginners Guide & Tips)

Hoverboards, unlike skateboards or scooters, is a new trend that was not discovered until 2013. It reached the hands of consumers shortly after that, and even if no one knew how to ride a hoverboard at first, people were still hyped to get one.

As it turns out, riding a hoverboard was not that hard to learn, especially for kids. It started as a kid’s toy, but overtime, hoverboards became a device for everyone. If you are hesitant to get a hoverboard because you don’t know how to ride one, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn how to ride a hoverboard the easiest way so you can cruise with confidence in no time.

Hoverboard Set-Up and Calibration

Before hopping on your hoverboard, make sure that it is fully charged. Most hoverboards come pre-assembled and pre-calibrated so they are ready to use. However, it is a good idea to check if all the screws are tight when you first get your device.

If you need to calibrate your board when it arrives, you can do it in 5 easy steps. These steps work for most hoverboards, but you can check your manual just to be sure:

  • Make sure the hoverboard is turned off and not in sleep mode.
  • Place the hoverboard on a flat and leveled surface.
  • Hold the power button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep
  • Wait until the light stops flashing.
  • Turn on your board and get on your way.

Now that the hoverboard is up and ready, it’s time to learn how to ride. 

Safety First

When learning how to ride a hoverboard, there is a possibility of falling on the ground. To avoid minor injuries, make sure that you have the necessary safety gear, especially when you are just beginning to learn the ropes. Here are some of the equipment you will need:

  • A helmet
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Wrist guards

Another safety piece of equipment that will protect you from getting injured is padded clothing. If you plan on buying safety gear, make sure that you can move comfortably and purchase the right size safety gear for maximizing the protection.

For added safety, some hoverboards are equipped with bright LED lights for riding in low light conditions. However, if your hoverboard does not have lights that will guide you in the dark, avoid practicing in low light areas, especially on busy roads with vehicles. 

Make safety your top priority even after you master how to ride a hoverboard

Find a Practice Spot

If you do not know how to ride a hoverboard yet, it is a good idea to find a practice spot. Ideally, the best practice spot should be a secluded area where there is not a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. 

If you have a large area inside the house, it would make a good spot to practice. However, avoid practicing in the house if the area is too narrow for you to turn or fall while learning. You do not want to break anything in the house. You can also try an empty garage or your driveway, as they would be perfect for practicing.

For young children, make sure they are wearing the proper safety gear. They must also be well-supervised by adults when they are learning how to ride. 

Now that you found the best spot to learn how to ride, it is time to strap on your helmets and start cruising.

How to ride on a Hoverboard

The very first step, which is quite the most challenging for beginners, is getting on the hoverboard. It may come naturally for some people, but it is better to know and to be safe. Even with experience with riding skateboards or having a good sense of balance, riding a hoverboard is a new experience that will take time to master. Here are the easy steps on how to get on a hoverboard properly:

Step 1: Place your hoverboard on a flat and even surface

Placing your hoverboard on an even surface is the easiest way to learn how to ride. It is easier to find your balance if the surface is flat, but eventually, you will learn how to ride on any type of surface. 

Step 2: Turn your hoverboard on

The hoverboard is equipped with a self-balancing gyroscope that assists the rider. To activate the self-balancing feature, make sure the hoverboard is turned on before riding.

Step 3: One foot at a time

Put in one foot on your hoverboard, and position your other foot as close to the wheels as possible. If you got your first foot locked in, put in your second foot and keep a wide stance for better stability.  

Step 4: Try to stay on the board by standing still and straight

Before trying to move, try to find your balance and keep your feet on the board by standing still. Once you feel comfortable, you can start riding. This step is probably the most challenging part of learning how to ride a hoverboard. Once you get this step locked down, you will be a hoverboard master in no time. 

Riding a Hoverboard

Now that you know how to get on a hoverboard, this next part is where the fun begins. Some hoverboards have learning modes that are designed for beginners, so you can switch to learning mode to make it easier for you to learn the ropes and get used to riding.

Before moving, make sure you are calm and relaxed. Don’t be nervous and follow these next tips:

Moving forward and backward

Before learning how to turn, the first motion you should learn is to move forward and backward. To move forward, slightly lean your toes forward using your ankles. Remember to keep your waist straight to keep balance. To move backward, slightly lean on your heel in a backward motion. 

Before turning, try to go forward and backward a couple of times until you get used to it. 


If you can move forward and backward comfortably, it’s time to take your riding skills to the next level and learn how to turn. Turning would come easily once you mastered moving forward and backward. Turning is all about proper weight shifting and balance. 

To turn left, lean on your right toe. Push your toe lightly so your weight shifts in the opposite direction that you want to go. As you lean your right toes, keep the left foot still and lean slightly to the direction you want to go to. To turn right, do the same thing but with the left foot.


One of the coolest things you can do on a hoverboard is to spin around in a circle. To do this, you will do the same thing you do when turning until you reach a full circle. You can spin around left or right. 

Stopping and Getting off a Hoverboard

To get fast on a hoverboard, keep accelerating when moving forward to reach the maximum speed. Make sure you are comfortable riding before attempting to go fast. 

To stop, slowly straighten back up and lean back a little. When you are slow enough, you will be able to get off safely. 

What to Avoid when Riding a Hoverboard

Here are some things you should avoid when you are riding a hoverboard:

Avoid looking down

When you are comfortable enough riding, avoid looking at your feet. What you need to look at is what is in front of you. Looking down might confuse you and cause a collision. 

Avoid trying tricks

I have seen some videos on the internet of people attempting to do skateboard tricks on a hoverboard. It may be possible for them, but these boards are not designed to handle that kind of impact. 

Bending your knees

Some people try to bend their knees to get a better balance by getting closer to the ground. However, bending your knees can mess up your weight placement and confuse the self-balancing gyroscope. (1


Anyone can learn how to ride a hoverboard. Because of its smart self-balancing technology, it will be easier to start rolling. You should always remember to wear the right safety gear, especially in the first stages of learning. Riding a hoverboard is not only fun but also useful. You can use a hoverboard to cruise around town, get to work, and some hoverboards are made for different kinds of terrain. 

Have a safe ride and don’t forget to enjoy it.


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