How Far Can Hoverboards Go on a Single Charge? You May Be Surprised

Hoverboards are one of the newest trends that came out in the last decade. It took a while before companies developed the perfect hoverboard system that we use today. It is a system that is powered by a battery and motor, which are both responsible for the speed and power output as well as the range. 

Hoverboards are cool rides for kids and adults alike, with its versatility, design, and ease of use. 

But how far can it go on a single charge? 

Well, it depends on the brand and model. The average hoverboard can ride for about 7 miles on a single charge. 

A long-distance hoverboard, on the other hand, can reach anywhere between 10 to 15 miles on a full charge. Pretty far right? These high-end hoverboards may cost more than the average, but they can go the distance and take you to your destinations and back. 

Hoverboard Distance Per Charge

One of the first thing consumers should consider when purchasing a new hoverboard, aside from the speed, is the range. A fast hoverboard is fun and all, but the speed wouldn’t make a lot of sense if you cannot ride it for a long time.

The hoverboard distance per charge is usually written on reviews and company websites. Remember that sometimes companies do not give the exact distance, instead, they only advertise the hours of use on a single charge. Reading electric ride reviews will give you more insights on electric rides. Consumers tend to provide better and more honest opinions. 

When looking for a hoverboard, make sure you check the type of battery and voltage. Most of the time, the higher voltage would mean a more powerful battery with a better range. The power of the motor may also affect the range because a more powerful motor wouldn’t drain much battery, especially when riding inclined terrain with the weight of a rider on its back. 

Hoverboard Batteries: Are they Safe?

Most of the modern hoverboards have safe batteries that are UL certified, (1) meaning, these batteries are safe to use with a zero chance of overheating, catching fire, or causing explosions. When hoverboards first came out, there were a lot of cases of the battery catching fire. Now that they are regulated, manufacturers are much more careful in developing their products as they add more protection and product testing before releasing the final product. 

So, how far does a hoverboard go?

When looking for a hoverboard, make sure you get one that is UL 2272 certified. This certification applies not only to the battery but the motor and charger as well. This assures that the hoverboard of your choice will reach far and last long. 

Factors that Affect Battery Life

Aside from the brand and model, other factors will affect how far hoverboards go. Even if you purchase a hoverboard with a powerful battery, it does not ensure a further distance. You may want to look into these factors as well:


Going at fast speeds will drain more battery and affect the hoverboard distance. Some hoverboards have different riding modes that limit the maximum speed to get better riding efficiency and more range. If the system works harder like going fast, more energy is consumed from the battery ultimately affecting its maximum range. 

Rider Weight

Rider weight is also a factor that can affect the speed and range of a hoverboard. Even if the brand says that the hoverboard can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs or higher, some companies do not disclose that heavy riders will affect the performance of the hoverboard.

The frame may be durable and sturdy enough to handle the weight, but if you max out the carrying capacity of a hoverboard, you will most likely feel the difference in the advertised specs, such as the maximum range. 


The type of terrain is definitely another factor that can drain a hoverboard battery quickly. Going off-road or uphill will work the motor up and drain the battery faster than when riding on a smooth and flat surface. If you plan on doing these things, make sure you purchase an off-road hoverboard such as the Swagtron T6. This hoverboard has the right wheels and motor equipped to go on adventure rides and trails. 

Another thing to remember is that cheap or budget hoverboards cannot go as far as high-end hoverboards. Do not expect the same range from a $150 hoverboard to go as far as a $500 hoverboard. 

Battery Charging Tips to Get Better Hoverboard Distance

To make the most out of a hoverboard battery, you will need to practice safe charging and proper battery management. Here are some tips you should follow:

Use the Charger That Came with the Hoverboard

Always use the charger that came with the hoverboard. Other chargers may not have the required power or may have more power output than what is required for a specific hoverboard battery. Using a different charger can damage the battery and affect its life span.

Charge the Battery Regularly

Even if you are not using the hoverboard, make sure you do not store it with an empty battery. It is also important to avoid draining the battery to zero percent. Draining the battery often or storing the board with an empty battery will affect the battery behavior and routine, causing the battery to drain faster. 

Never Leave the Battery Charged Overnight

Overcharging can damage the battery, so avoid leaving the battery charged overnight. Make sure you that you unplug the charger when the battery is full. It might not overheat, but it is still a bad habit to leave the charger plugged in after filling it up. 

Turn the Hoverboard Off Before Charging

Make sure you turn the hoverboard off before charging. This step allows the hoverboard to rest and get a healthy charge. Doing steps as simple as this can extend battery life and battery health. 


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