5 Best Hoverboard Chargers 2021: Safe Replacement Chargers

A hoverboard is a rechargeable device that people use for cruising, commuting, and other recreational activities.

Without a hoverboard charger, your hoverboard wouldn’t operate, and it would only be a waste of space. As you probably all know already, hoverboards are electric devices that are made with a gyroscope for balance and function, a motor to carry out the functions, and a battery that provides it with enough electricity to operate.

If you break your charger, there is no way you can make it work once the battery is drained. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a replacement charger. Guess what? You came to the right place.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best hoverboard chargers and replacement chargers.

Hoverboards, however, have different charging requirements, which is why it is a good idea to pay attention to each item on this list to make sure you get the right one.

When you buy a new hoverboard, it will come with the appropriate charger. Some chargers, however, can easily break from misuse, factory defects, poor quality assurance, or shipping mishandling. 

Also, if you are buying a second-hand hoverboard, some do not come with the charger because it is either broken or lost. 

If one of these instances happens to your hoverboard charger, make sure you choose only the appropriate and best hoverboard charger for your smart-balancing scooter to avoid damages and other hazards.After reading the list, you can jump straight to our bonus buyer’s guide for more information on how to choose the best hoverboard charger for you. It will include relevant information and factors to consider before buying a hoverboard charger.

Compare Best Replacement Hoverboard Chargers

Rank Products Feature Website
Safest Option

The best choice for Swagtron Hoverboards

This charger is UL 2272 certified, meaning it is protected from fire hazards

Worthy Mention

Supports a good number of popular hoverboards

Covered by a warranty and protection plan

Budget0Friendly Choice

East to use and affordable

Short-circuit protection

UL Certified

Compatible with most 36-volt hoverboards

Comes with an LED notification light that indicates a full charge

Best Value Option


Overheat protection

The 5 Best Replacement Hoverboard Chargers

1. Swagtron Replacement Charger

Swagtron Replacement Charger

This option is an excellent example of an authentic replacement charger for a specific model. This charger is specifically made for Swagtron hoverboards, namely the T5. 

Although it is compatible with other Swagtron hoverboards, it is best to get the exact same replacement which you can find on their website. 

This option is UL certified, which means it has gone through a series of rigorous tests before distribution. Take note that this charger will only work with authentic Swagtron Hoverboards.



Final Verdict

Overall, this option is the best example of a specific charger. The first thing you need to do when you break your charger is to look for the same exact charger from the manufacturer’s website. If you have a Swagtron or any other model, make sure you visit their website.

2. Fancy Buying 42V 2A Electric Battery Charger

Fancy Buying 42V 2A Electric Battery Charger

This particular charger is a really affordable, but capable option. If your hoverboard requires an AC 42V 2A charger, you can choose this option as a replacement. 

Even if it is a cheap option, the company did not compromise on quality and safety. This charger has an AC 100-240V input, meaning you can use it in any country. 

This charger aims to fully-charge a hoverboard in two to four hours. While it is not exactly that quick, it is acceptable considering the price.



Final Verdict

This charger option is a more durable replacement than the original, making it a great choice if it fits the requirements of your hoverboard.

3. TrueClos Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter Power Charger Adapter

TrueClos Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter Power Charger Adapter

This charger is easy to use and is designed with an aerial head connector, so you can plug it in easily. It features protection against short circuits, over-currents, and the AC is pretty safe overall.

It can charge 42V and 1.5A input hoverboards a lot faster than the original charger, and it is made more durable, making it the only replacement you will ever need.

It is also a compact and lightweight choice, meaning you can put it in your backpack and bring it along to make sure you can charge your hoverboard in case it dies down.



Final Verdict

This charger is a cheap, but reliable option. It may not be as durable as others, but with proper care, this charger makes a good replacement.

4. Lotfancy 36V 1A Lithium Battery Charger

Lotfancy 36V 1A Lithium Battery Charger

This option is an example of a safe hoverboard charger. It is UL 2272 certified, meaning it is a lot safer than other options that lack this specification.

It is an easy-to-use and straightforward charger that works for most 36-volt electric rides. It may not be as affordable as others, but you can never put a price on safety.



Final Verdict

This hoverboard charger is one of the safest options on the list. If you have a 36-volt hoverboard, this product is worth checking out.

5. EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter

EVAPLUS 42V 2A Power Adapter

This option is a good choice for charging lithium-ion batteries found in most hoverboards. It is a safe and feature-rich charger that makes a good replacement.

It comes with protection standards such as short circuits and overheating. It also has an LED indicator that shows the charging status.



Final Verdict

This hoverboard charger is the best one you can get in its price range. It is fast, durable, and safe, which is the combination of a good replacement charger for your hoverboard.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboard Charger?

All of the replacement chargers listed above have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. While all of them are great choices, you still need to choose the best hoverboard charger for you. 

If you are still on the fence of which hoverboard charger to choose, maybe this buyer’s guide will help you make a decision. 

This section of the article features a list of the factors you need to consider when looking for a reliable charger option for your hoverboard.

We all know that choosing an incompatible charger may not work, and there are certain dangers we want to avoid when it comes to hoverboard battery safety. If you are still not sure, you must read and understand this important section of the article:

Check power and voltage requirements

The power and voltage requirements are the most important aspect to check before picking up a new replacement charger for your hoverboard. This information is usually written underneath the hoverboard.

It will show you the required power and voltage, as well as the polar pattern. The charger you buy must meet these specifications. 

This is non-negotiable. Make sure the numbers match perfectly because choosing lower or higher voltage can damage your hoverboard and its battery. Worse, it can become a fire hazard. 

Get one with a warranty

Cheap hoverboard chargers might catch your eye because of the affordable price. However, they may not come with certification or warranty. 

Even for a budget-friendly price, it’s important that the charger comes with a warranty, especially if you want to avoid hoverboard troubleshooting. You’ll never know if the product you buy may be defective and will need to be replaced. A warranty lets you do that without spending a penny more.

Do not look for a cheap alternative 

It may seem like a good idea to cheap out on buying a charger, because, let’s face it, it is just a charger, right?

However, it is not a good idea to always go cheap, especially when it comes to replacement parts as sensitive as chargers. Anything that has to do with a hoverboard’s battery and other integral parts should not be taken lightly.

It is fine to spend more on them now, rather than break your hoverboard and end up buying a new one. 

Make sure it has international standards and a UL certificate

Choose a hoverboard charger that complies with UL safety standards (1) or any equivalent. Better safe than sorry as the overused saying goes. Remember that hoverboards used to be considered fire hazards. It’s best to err on the safe side. 

Hoverboards may be a lot safer now more than ever, but factors like the battery and safety should always be taken seriously. 

Most chargers on this list are UL certified so there is no need to worry! All you need to do is to make sure the specs are compatible.


There is no way you can tell when your hoverboard charger will need replacement. Some hoverboard chargers break sooner than others, while some never break at all with proper care. However, because they are electronic devices, there is a chance that they will fail eventually, so make sure you are prepared.

To sum it up, it is essential to only get a high-quality replacement charger, or check out your hoverboard manufacturer’s website to find out if they sell the same charger you just lost or broke. 

If the original manufacturer does not sell replacements or they are out of stock at the moment, make sure you read the buyer’s guide, then choose one of the quality chargers listed above. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about hoverboard replacement chargers, it is time to get your hoverboard up and running again. 

Before we part ways, I just want to leave you with these reminders:

  • Choose the right specs
  • Choose a certified option
  • Don’t go cheap when safety is involved

Have fun riding, and remember to stay safe!


Yes, you can buy the same stock hoverboard charger from the original manufacturer’s website or on other online shopping platforms. Most of the time, they will be selling stock chargers as a replacement, and this is probably the best choice to do first. 

Because the charger is specifically designed for your hoverboard model, you do not need to worry about finding the right specs such as voltage capacity and more.

The best hoverboard chargers cost around $20 to $50. The price may not define quality in most cases, but for hoverboard chargers, it is best to avoid buying cheap options to be safe.

You can always check the original manufacturer’s website first before resorting to another online shopping platform like Amazon.

If you want to buy a hoverboard charger at a physical store to check if it works, you can try looking for one at your nearest Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Sears, or other well-known hoverboard shops and factories if you live near one.

It is not safe to use a different charger, especially one with different voltage and power specs because it may cause irreversible damage to your hoverboard, and might even cause fire hazards if you are not careful. Always buy the same charger first, before resorting to a different charger with the same voltage requirements. 

Although most hoverboards, chargers, and batteries are UL certified, it is never a good idea to keep your hoverboard plugged in too long after it has been fully charged. 

Fire Hazards and explosions related to hoverboards not too long ago were almost always caused by overcharging, so make sure you avoid doing it, even if they say it is safe now. 

You can never be too careful.

No, not all hoverboards have the same specs. Most chargers use a standard AC adapter, but they do differ in voltage and power. 

Other chargers also have better protection and safety features than others. For example, some chargers are UL 2272 certified and stop them from overheating.

If you opt for a cheap product, which we strongly recommend against, do not expect them to have the same safety features as high-quality chargers. If you need a long-term and safe charger, always go for the best. You can find some on the list above.

For safety reasons, you cannot turn on a hoverboard while charging. Since it is charging anyway, there is no point in turning your hoverboard on when plugged into the wall. 

Because it is not safe, some hoverboards are equipped with safety features that prevent them from turning on while plugged in.

If your hoverboard will still not turn on after replacing the charger, you will need to have it checked by the licensed repair service centers accredited by the manufacturers, especially if it is still under the warranty period.

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